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Updated on Thursday 04th August 2016

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Every time you visit a dentist, you’ll be likely to see many different dental tools that are placed beside the dental chair. Our dentists in Dubai use a variety of dental equipment for checking, cleaning, cutting and repairing teeth. 

Not many patients are familiar with these tools and, for that reason, here is a quick guide on the elementary dental instruments, available in our dental clinics in Dubai.
Dental appliances can be either hand-held or some of them can use fiber optic light sources and ultrasonic equipment.

Dental hand instruments in dental clinics in Dubai 

Dental hand instruments can be classified based of their main functions:

•    inspecting the mouth and teeth;
•    professional cleaning of teeth;
•    cutting teeth and eliminating cavities;
•    inserting and reducing filling materials;
•    carving and finishing dental fillings;
•    assorted types.

Mouth mirrors are used to inspect the condition of the teeth and mouth, as well as to pull back the tongue and cheeks upon examination. The Briault probe is a sharp tool, used to spot the link between the coating and the dentine and also to detect the hidden tartar in the gum pockets. A periodontal probe can be used to measure the distance of the gum pockets. The straight probe can be used to check cavities or to verify the margins of restorations and filings.

Instruments for cutting and scraping materials and deposits

Excavators are used to remove softened dentine and temporary fillingsScalers eliminate the tartar from the tooth and can also remove other surface deposits. Chisels, hatchets and hoes are used to get rid of not useful enamel during cavity preparation.

Tools used for placing filling material

Plastic instruments are typically flat stainless steel blades that can deliver and shape fillings materials. Condensers are used for contracting and creating filling materials, on heavy pressure.

Hand-held instruments

Most of the hand-held tools are made of stainless steel or occasionally carbon steel. Chisels and scalers frequently have tungsten carbide tips. The elementary design of a hand tool has a blade, a shank and a handle.

Rotary tools are small instruments that contain burs, stones and discs, held in a hand piece. Rotation is made by an electric motor or flattened air and is usually in two speeds.

The air turbine is a high speed hand piece that often has a built-in water spray and a fiber optic light. High speeds between 250,000 to 500,000 rpm (revolution per minute) with low twisting are seen in these tools. 

Contra-angle hand piece is practically always used in the mouth and the straight hand piece is used in trimming techniques outside the mouth. Burs and stones are engaged in the hand piece in one of three ways: brushing, latch grip or quick-release clamping chuck. Bur blades are frequently made of steel, tungsten carbide or abrasive materials according to their practice.

Our dentists in Dubai are more than ready to advice any patient regarding a future treatment plan, so please feel free to contact us for dental services in our dental clinics.


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