Everything About Digital Smile Design

Updated on Monday 29th February 2016

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Living in a digitized age offers us various benefits, improving our interaction with each other and with the world. Modern dentistry has recently introduced a new concept, with the help of new technologies. 

Digital smile design, a modern way for restorative procedures 

The concept of digital smile design offers the patient the possibility to see how his or her smile will look like, before starting the restorative procedure. Digital smile design represents a software that uses simple editing tools, chosen according to the medical problem.

Digital smile design technique is done by our dentists in Dubai, who will plan the restorative procedure according to the patient’s dental problems, taking into account the client’s unique dental and facial features. 

Goals of the digital smile design 

This new technology has been introduced on the market a decade ago and, since then, our dentists in Dubai have become accustomed with this new type of dental work

The main goals of digital smile design are the following:

•    improving the  patient’s smile; if requested, the patient can become the co-author of his own smile;
•    developing a new approach to the idea of a dental treatment, by involving the patient into the selection process;
•    clinical procedures are improved, by offering a higher predictable result to the dental procedure, with the use of technology;
•    better communication between the dentist and the patient; with the help of digital smile design, patients have  the opportunity to see their future smile and become more educated in the field of dental care.

How digital smile design (DSD) works 

DSD can offer realistic dental projections, with the help of digital reconstruction of the patient’s smile. The main steps are: 

•    taking pictures of the patient’s smile – high quality pictures are required, in order to capture the details of the teeth, teeth alignment and  facial features;
•    uploading the images into the DSD software –  our dentists in Dubai use two pictures – a portrait picture, with the patient smiling and another picture, presenting the intraoral region;
•    choosing a dental pattern – this procedure is done choosing from available smile outlines, ideal smile and many others;
•    presenting the result – patients can see how their smile will look like after the procedure will be implemented, and our dentists in Dubai can give further recommendations on the chosen outline. 

Our dental clinics in Dubai are prepared to offer you the necessary information on this topic. If you plan a dental appointment, please contact our dentists in Dubai, who are accredited to use the digital smile design technology



February 29, 2016

I am very interested in this technology! I would like to know what is the cost of this cosmetic procedure. Thank you.

Hello, you can send us your request via e-mail and one of the members of our team will answer you.

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