Flap Surgery in Dubai

Updated on Monday 03rd April 2017

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Gingival flap surgery is used to treat periodontitis or gum diseases. This kind of procedure may be suggested for patients with common or progressive periodontitisSurgery might be required if irritation and deep pockets continue after prescribed treatment with deep washing and medication. Our dentists in Dubai may perform flap surgery to eliminate tartar deposits in deep pockets or to decrease the periodontal pocket.


What does this kind of surgery require?

This common surgery includes lifting back the gums and eliminating the plaque. The gums are then sewed back in place so that the soft tissue fits tightly around the tooth again. After an operation, the gums will restore and fit strongly around the tooth and this occasionally results in the teeth looking longer. The Dubai dentist will determine the patient’s dental healthcare and the medicines he needs to take, in order to make sure that surgery is safe for him. We remind that you can receive dental implants in Dubai if you have suffered from tooth loss. Step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai and ask for complete information about the available dental procedures.

Flap surgery, step-by-step

First of all, the dentist in Dubai will apply a local anesthesia and then will use a scalpel to detach the gums from the teeth. The gums will be raised or folded back in the shape of a flap, in order to permit the direct contact to the roots and bone that support the teeth. The irritated soft tissue will be detached between the teeth and from any holes or flaws in the bone. The next step used by our dentists in Dubai is called scaling and root planing to clean deposit and plaque. The last step means placing the gums against the teeth and sewing them in position. Our dentists in Dubai will use sutures that melt on their own or stitches that have to be detached after a week or after ten days.


Dental treatment after a flap surgery

Our dentists in Dubai remind to their patients that it is significant to keep a clean mouth while the surgical place is healing, so they should brush and floss normally. Antimicrobial mouth solutions with chlorhexidine are frequently recommended after a flap surgery. These solutions destroy bacteria, interrupt plaque development and help your mouth to heal correctly.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for any other information regarding flap surgery and suitable treatment plans.



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