The Importance of Dental Health

Updated on Tuesday 08th March 2016

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We all want a perfect, beautiful and white smile. Of course, we want it for aesthetics purposes, but more importantly, because this it is an indicator of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Recent studies have demonstrated that oral health can say a lot about our general health and that various oral problems are indicators of certain diseases located in other parts of the body. 

Our team of dentists in Dubai is specialized in all areas related to oral problems and they can offer you the best insight on a variety of issues. Due to modern technical developments, dental problems can be identified from the early stages of development and they can be cured with higher rates of success.

The mouth is an indicator of general health 

Studies have shown that one of the most common oral problems, periodontal disease, is related to serious health issues, like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and even preterm labor. Some people are genetically predisposed to periodontitis, but this disease can also appear if a person neglects oral hygiene

A dental appointment can reveal microbial infections, types of cancers and immune disorders, all of which are actually systemic diseases (diseases that affect the entire body, not just parts of it). 

Most common diseases that can be linked to oral health are:

•    endocarditis;
•    cardiovascular diseases;
•    diabetes;
•    HIV/AIDS;
•    osteoporosis;
•    Alzheimer’s disease;
•    Sjogren’s syndrome – a disorder causing dry mouth.

Saliva testing in Dubai 

One of the easiest methods to test for different affections of the body is saliva testing. Just by collecting a sample, our dentists in Dubai can find out if the patient has osteoporosis, hepatitis and even several types of cancers. The level of saliva in the mouth can also indicate that the immune system of the patient is weakened. When making an appointment at a dental clinic, please ask the dentist to perform this simple procedure, that will allow you to find more about your general state of health and, if needed, to treat a certain disorder from its early stages. 

Prevention is the best method to avoid the medical conditions mentioned above. You can keep your teeth healthy by practicing a daily routine that includes brushing teeth at least twice a day and using dental floss and mouthwash every day. 

Even if there are no apparent oral problems, dentists recommend yearly appointments at a dental clinic.

Our team of highly trained dentists in Dubai can offer you more details about the importance of dental health.

Please contact our clinic in Dubai for further information, as our dentists can provide you with assistance in a wide range of dental issues



March 7, 2016

Hello. If the saliva testing can reveal so many aspects of the oral and general health, I'd be interested in taking such a test.

Hello, you are welcome at our modern clinic in Dubai. You can make an appointment if you send us an e-mail or call us.

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