Prevention of Dental Problems

Updated on Monday 14th March 2016

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Prevention of dental problems starts from childhood, when the first teeth are growing. At this stage, a visit at the dental clinic is always recommended, as the dentist can provide important details about the development of the child’s teeth and can assess the general health state of the oral cavity

Most of oral problems can be avoided if the patient applies some simple prevention methods that can be carried out in the privacy of his/her house. Other methods may imply an appointment at the dental clinic, where the patient will suffer minor, painless interventions performed by the dentist. Both situations assume that the person will have to adjust to some simple routine actions, which will spare him or her from future dental problems

Recommended dental prevention methods 

Here are some methods of prevention of future dental problems:

•    brushing – it is one of the most effective dental problem prevention methods. Dentists recommend that a person should brush twice a day, using a soft toothbrush that can reach all areas of the mouth and won’t hurt the gums. One should brush the teeth for approximately two minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening. Dentists’ advice is that the patients should brush in gentle circular motions. 

•    dental flossing – this action is recommended for any type of debris caught in between the teeth and should be performed on a daily basis, at the end of the day. Take note that, at the beginning of using dental floss, the gums may bleed. If the problem will persist, please address to our team of dentists in Dubai who can give you the best advice on this matter. 

•    diet – it is said that “you are what you eat”. That can also apply to oral health, as some of the food products are harming the integrity of the teeth, while others (like fruits and vegetables) have proven to have beneficial effects. Usually, teeth decay is linked to a high consumption of sugar added products, mentioned below: 

-    candies;
-    desserts;
-    pastries; 
-    sugar beverages;
-    dried fruits;
-    snacks (pretzels and chips).

What to eat to prevent tooth decay 

A whole set of foods help prevent tooth decay. Below, you can find a general list of products that can keep your teeth healthy: 

-    dairy products; 
-    meats; 
-    vegetables;
-    fresh fruits;
-    cereal based products.

Dentists in Dubai can prevent teeth decay by applying sealants on small fissures that may appear on the back of the teeth. The procedure, non-invasive and painless, consists of utilizing a resin material to fill the fissures. 

If you need more information on prevention of dental problems, please contact our team of dentists in Dubai, who will gladly answer to all your questions. 



March 11, 2016

I give a special attention to my teeth, as I believe it is much better to prevent future dental problems. I brush my teeth 2 or 3 times a day and I ocasionally use the electric toothbrush, a much powerful tool than the regular toothbrush. Although people tend to avoid using dental floss, this procedure is actually very beneficial to the general state of health of the mouth.

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