Root Canal Treatments

Updated on Monday 14th March 2016

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Endodontic treatments, also known as root canal treatments, are performed by the dentist when the nerve of the tooth is affected by decay. The injured part of the tooth is the dental pulp, on which the dentist will make the root canal intervention. If you think you may need an endodontic treatment, our dentists in Dubai are prepared to treat you. 

Root canal infection – an overview

When the infection appears on the pulp of the tooth, you may not feel any pain for a long time. But as the decay is spreading up to the other parts of the tooth, the patient will start to feel mild to severe pain. Because root canal injuries are painless for a long period of time, most of the patients are coming at our dental clinics in Dubai when their situation worsens. In some cases, a cavity in the pulp area can lead to an abscess, which is a severe inflammation of the tissues around the infected tooth.  

Usually, the infections are caused by bacteria living in the oral region. They can attack the pulp of the tooth if there is tooth decay or if the tooth is damaged after various traumas. If the pulp is injured, the tooth may be darkened and, in some cases, it could mean that the tooth has died. 

Root canal treatments in Dubai 

Although the doctor has to operate on a very delicate area of the tooth, as a patient you should know that the procedure itself is not painful. Our dentists in Dubai will perform an X-ray, which will help them understand more about the location and the gravity of the root canal problems. If the tooth is badly injured, several visits at our dental clinic in Dubai may be needed. 

According to the gravity of the injury, the dentists will apply the anesthetics. The first step is to assess whether the tooth may be saved or not. If our dentists in Dubai can save the tooth, the bacteria will be removed and, after that, on the cleaned area (root canal and tooth), the dentist will apply a filling. Root canal operations are successful procedures, as in 9 out 10 cases, the tooth will survive for 8-10 years. 

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March 14, 2016

Hello! I think I may be in need of a root canal treatment, although I'd rather believe I do not. I know the procedure is painful to a certain extent, but my problem does not seem to be very complicated.

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