5 Recommendations for Durable Dental Implants

Updated on Wednesday 05th October 2016

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5 Recommendations for Durable Dental Implants Image
The dental implants look, feel and act like the natural teeth, and most of times, people won’t see the difference. It is good to know that dental implants can keep the adjacent teeth stable, they won’t shift position, and there will be no bacteria accumulation that leads to gingivitis or other gum diseases. Our dentists in Dubai can offer proper guidance and recommendations about how to have durable dental implants. As a reminder, our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped, in order for you to receive many suitable treatment plans and dental implants in Dubai. In this article we have gathered a few essential recommendations about how to take care of our dental health, and especially if you have dental implants.

1. Clean your teeth every day

A proper dental hygiene is recommended for every person, no matter if dental implants are involved. But if we are talking about patients with dental implants, our Dubai dentists recommend daily brushing and flossing, the same healthy habits used for natural teeth. There are many options on market regarding teeth cleaning, and you can use special rinses that protect the entire mouth, from morning until evening. The dental implants are practically brand new teeth, so it is recommended to take good care of them, in order to have them for life.

2. Visit your dentist in Dubai for dental implant check-ups

The postoperative treatment is probably the most significant stage in the restoration of teeth by dental implants. Studies in this field have proved that dental implants without proper maintenance are lost much faster than those included in a prophylaxis program. This means you should visit your dentist a few times a year, in order to receive proper scaling and other important dental treatments. The Dubai dentists can opt for topical application of substances with bactericidal properties, like chlorhexidine or newer substances that increase the local concentration of oxygen, in order to decrease the number of pathogens.

3. Respect the special oral hygiene daily program

Regular check-ups, sanitation implants maintenance, and periodic effective collaboration between dentists and patients, ensure the smooth running of the treatment and guarantee prolonged dental implants. It is good to consider the following program regarding the necessary dental hygiene:

•    mandatory tooth brushing on mornings and evenings;
•    interdental brushing after meals;
•    the usage of tooth floss before brushing;
•    have a mouth shower with antibacterial mouthwash twice a week.

Our dentists in Dubai will teach you brand new brushing techniques for your dental implants, in order to maintain a suitable dental health.

4. Change your diet and try to eat healthy

Eating healthy and adopting a balanced diet are recommended for all patients, no matter if they have dental implants or not. In order to have healthy teeth, comfort, durability and esthetics, you should definitely choose green and red vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, celery, peppers, avocado or cabbage. As you know, the dental bone will develop on the dental implant, so it is recommended to avoid unhealthy food.

5. Home-made tips for dental implant preservation

As a recommendation from our dentist in Dubai, you can use an alternative to mouthwash, based on baking soda dissolved in water. This rinse can be used once a week and has alkalizing, cleaning and deodorizing role. There are special toothbrushes on the market, specially created for patients with dental implants, so make sure you do a proper investigation, in order to buy what suits you best. Besides these recommendations, you should definitely visit your dentist, because he is the one who can properly advise you after a dental implant procedure.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai, if you have any other questions about the maintenance of dental implants.


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