Advantages of Dental Implants for Women with Osteoporosis

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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Advantages of Dental Implants for Women with Osteoporosis Image
Osteoporosis comes with age and with many changes related to the bones in our bodies that cannot heal and preserve their natural state as before. This disease affects also the jawbone, and many women start losing teeth.  The dentist in Dubai can recommend dental implants after a proper analysis of the general health of a patient. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are properly equipped with top-class technology and can provide you with numerous dental treatments.

Details about the dental implants for women with osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a frequent condition in women with ages of 50, 60 or even more and implies, in simple words, the loss of calcium, making bones to break easily. The jawbone is affected too, and teeth are starting to fall. In this case, a dental implant treatment is necessary and the rate of success is quite big, meaning about 93% of women with osteoporosis have received successful dental implants. The Dubai dentist will examine the patient’s dental health and medical record, in order to see the medication for such condition. This is an important factor because the dentist can develop a suitable dental treatment for the patient. Another significant aspect is that a woman with osteoporosis and tooth loss should see immediately the dentist, in order to receive a suitable treatment plan without any complications. The dental implant procedure implies the same stages as for healthy patients, such as:

•    titanium screw insertion;
•    osseointegration process;
•    the placement of the prosthetic tooth;
•    placement of the crown.

The advantages of having dental implants

The dental implants offer many benefits to all patients who choose this important dental treatment. First of all, the proper function of the teeth or denture will be regained, in order to eat and speak as you used to.  The dental implants and also the mini dental implants need the normal daily washing and flossing routine, with special rinses and toothpaste. The dental implants do not slip away, are properly fixed and can support a wide variety of food. Women with osteoporosis can avoid the mouth shrinkage after tooth loss and can regain the smile and the confidence with successful dental implants. The duration of the dental implants depends much on the preservation mode, but first of all on the dentist you choose and the techniques he uses. If you plan a dental visit in Dubai, you may solicit information about our dentists, their experience and about the prices for certain treatments available.

You can also receive personalized treatments in our clinics, and if you are interested in extra details about the necessary dental implants for women with osteoporosis, you are invited to contact us.



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