Alternatives to Periodontal Surgery

Updated on Friday 23rd September 2016

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There are many people dealing with periodontitis, which is an advanced gum disease leading most of times to tooth loss. The dentists in Dubai recommend many surgical procedures, if your dental health requires it, and they can also provide you with details about alternatives to periodontal surgery. After a proper dental examination, and if you have been diagnosed with periodontitis, the dentist will decide if you are suitable for non-surgical dental treatment.

Non-surgical treatments for periodontitis 

Periodontitis refers to a bad gingivitis, where microbial plaque still remains on teeth, without having been removed on a simple, yet necessary dental visit. Many patients are in need of periodontal surgery, in order to save what’s left of the tooth, but lots of them receive many interesting alternatives to periodontal surgery. The scaling and root planning can be a suitable option and refers to the plaque removal by scraping the exterior of the root and then leveling the gum tissue in order to stop bacteria to develop once again. Regarding the treatment after this important procedure, the Dubai dentist will provide you with essential information about proper washing and cleaning with special rinses. Another dental visit is required, in order to verify if the teeth are healing, or if you need a new dental procedure.

The flap surgery is another recommended alternative for patients with moderate periodontitis. This easy procedure implies minimum cuts, in order to eliminate the injured tissue. This technique comes with the gum grafting method to reattach the soft tissue to the healthy tooth rootLaser procedure can be a suitable option instead of periodontal surgery because it implies no cuts and no sutures. It is a non-invasive gum disease treatment and can be recommended to all patients that suffer from gingivitis, and can be made under local anesthesia.

Recovering after a periodontal treatment

Many people suffer from gum recession, a gradual and natural process in which the tissues around the teeth are slowly pulling away, due to plaque accumulation and decay. Our dentists in Dubai can properly examine your dental history and health, in order to offer the correct treatment plan that might include surgery or simple non-surgical procedures. No matter the type of technique, it is important to offer extreme attention to future home treatments.

After dealing with a periodontal procedure, the dentist will offer a sedative, in order to relax the patient. Flossing and brushing the teeth are required after the area starts to heal. Instead of these habits, the dentist will recommend special rinses that might help the healing process. In order to avoid infection, antibiotics are also suggested. Soft foods, like cheese, red vegetables or eggs are mentioned on the list of things to eat after a periodontal procedure.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai, if you need extra information about alternatives to periodontal surgery in Dubai.


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