How to Choose the Proper Oral Sedation Method

How to Choose the Proper Oral Sedation Method image August 28, 2016

Many patients with dental problems are afraid of pain, but the dentist in Dubai will offer the proper oral sedation before he starts any treatment.

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FAQ about Tooth Decays

FAQ about Tooth Decays image August 20, 2016

We all know what a cavity is and most people have already experienced the drilling-and-filling procedure. In spite of this awareness, people still have many questions about this common and serious problem.

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The Importance of Treating a Child's Decay

The Importance of Treating a Child's Decay image August 20, 2016

Children tooth decay appears when bacteria within the mouth start to eat away at the primary teeth, called the “baby teeth”.

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Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation image August 20, 2016

Oral sedation dentistry is a medical technique implicating the administration of oral sedative drugs, usually to ease a dental method and reduce patient’s anxiety and fear.

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Tooth Decay Management

Tooth Decay Management image August 19, 2016

Tooth decay is often mentioned as the second most common human malady, following the well-known cold. Unlike many situations, tooth decay can affect individuals of any age or status.

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Risk Factors for Tooth Decay

Risk Factors for Tooth Decay image August 18, 2016

Tooth decay is a big oral health problem in most industrialized countries, affecting 60–90% of children and adults. The first sign of tooth decay is a small patch of demineralized enamel at the tooth surface.

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Drill-free Veneers

Drill-free Veneers image August 18, 2016

The notion of enhancing materials to teeth, with the precise purpose to change the way they look is nothing new to modern dentistry nowadays.

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FAQ About Veneers

FAQ About Veneers image August 15, 2016

For durability, constancy and attractive shinny teeth, one of the most demanded dental techniques nowadays in Dubai includes the use of thin pieces of porcelain or plastic, called dental veneers.

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FAQ About Dental Implants

FAQ About Dental Implants image August 15, 2016

If a tooth can no longer be saved, the dentist will propose a dental implant. For every patient in need of a dental implant and/or a dental prosthesis, our dentists will execute this kind of intervention, working with the newest equipment.

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How to Treat Decay

How to Treat Decay image August 3, 2016

Most people are aware of the risk of cavities, or dental caries, but the problem is more widespread.There are several ways to prevent cavities from forming, as well as quick action to stop existing tooth decay from making more damage.

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