Tooth Decay Caused by Dry Mouth

Tooth Decay Caused by Dry Mouth image September 1, 2017

Dry mouth or xerostomia, as it is known in medical terms, has been encountered by many of us and represents the condition where the lack of saliva, due to inappropriate hydration or medication, can cause serious dental problems.

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Diagnosis of Sensitive Teeth

Diagnosis of Sensitive Teeth image August 20, 2017

Numerous patients detect they have sensitive teeth when they drink hot or cold beverages or eat sweet or sour products. The diagnosis of dentin hypersensitivity or simply sensitive teeth can be established by our dentists in Dubai.

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What You Can Do in Case of Teeth Recession

What You Can Do in Case of Teeth Recession image August 10, 2017

Tooth recession is related to gum diseases, bruxism, or aggressive tooth brushing among many other reasons. This illness starts when a person feels pain in the teeth and when the dentist discovers that the roots of the teeth have been exposed.

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How can Pacifier Affect the Tooth Development

How can Pacifier Affect the Tooth Development image July 15, 2017

The thumb-sucking and the pacifier are for sure the best ways for a baby to relax, distract a little, and sleep well. But there are specialists that say a pacifier can affect tooth development in children.

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First Visit of a Child to a Dentist

First Visit of a Child to a Dentist image July 13, 2017

Dentists worldwide recommend to all parents to give full attention to the child’s oral care as soon as the first teeth appear. The first dental visit should be scheduled when the baby is one-year-old when the teeth are almost there.

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How to Deal with Tooth Eruption at Babies

How to Deal with Tooth Eruption at Babies image July 11, 2017

The tooth eruption on children is a natural process with a major significance, where parents need to offer complete attention to each sign and to ease the pain of the little ones.

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Remineralization of Teeth

Remineralization of Teeth image June 16, 2017

The remineralization of the teeth is a natural process where saliva plays a significant role. The things we eat, especially sugars and carbohydrates are enemies of the teeth, making the enamel being weak in front of acids and bacteria.

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Complications of Cavities

Complications of Cavities image June 8, 2017

Cavities are common dental problems encountered in many patients who do not pay sufficient attention to their denture. If not treated in time, the cavities may turn into unwanted and unpleasant complications.

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Main Signs You Have a Cavity

Main Signs You Have a Cavity image June 1, 2017

Do you have toothaches? Do you see little holes in your teeth? You might have developed cavities and it is time to see your dentist for a complete check-up. Toothaches won’t end with the help of pills, but with a suitable treatment.

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How to Prevent Cavities

How to Prevent Cavities image May 14, 2017

Tooth decay leads to cavities if a person is not aware of the importance of the dental care. Those little holes in the teeth cause unbearable toothaches and if dental care is not provided, tooth loss will be involved during the time.

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