5 Dental Problems You Need to Consider

Updated on Thursday 13th April 2017

5 Dental Problems You Need to Consider Image
Having healthy teeth is among important goals a person can have, of course, if he/she considers the importance of self-confidence and a proper appearance without any embarrassments in the society. But how can we maintain a good oral health for a long time? Chipped teeth, cavities, gum diseases, tooth loss, hyperdontia or bruxism are dental problems you need to consider and to eliminate them if you want to feel good about yourself and to have a healthy mouth. Our team of dentists in Dubai welcomes all patients to benefit from numerous dental treatments which can improve the denture. Depending on the problem, a patient can receive dental implants in Dubai and then can enjoy the proper functions of the teeth without any other worries.

1. Eliminate the cavities

From the beginning, we remind that bacteria are responsible for the holes in the teeth. The enamel starts to develop cavities and if not treated in time, the nerve from the pulp chamber can also be affected and will lead to unbearable toothaches. Our Dubai dentist can suggest you a root canal treatment and dental sealants.

2. Treat the gum diseases

The buildup of dental plaque makes the gums to bleed and to recede in time. If you feel your teeth moving and you bleed each time you brush your teeth, you might deal with gingivitis or periodontitis, severe gum diseases developed on numerous patients. We invite you in our modern dental clinics in Dubai for complete information and treatments in this matter, if you want to save your denture.

3.  Get treatments for bruxism

According to statistics and research in dentistry, bruxism develops on stressed patients, and if the teeth are not properly aligned, the problem can be extremely severe, leading to chipped teeth and eventually tooth loss. Bruxism can be treated from the first signs of pain like a headache, sore jaw or cracked teeth. Our dentist in Dubai can recommend you cosmetic dentistry to repair your teeth and besides that, the patient needs to use mouthguards during the night. Meditation and other relaxation methods can liberate you from stress.

4. Repair your crooked teeth

Numerous patients suffer from crooked teeth and a bad alignment of the denture. Luckily, this is not a problem anymore because you can straighten your teeth with dental braces. Orthodontics in Dubai is for every patient in search of an attractive smile and a general improvement of the teeth. Talk to your dentist in Dubai if you deal with crooked teeth.

5. Replace the missing teeth 

Have you suffered from tooth loss? It is time to get info about the available dental implants in Dubai which can be a perfect option for persons who want to replace the missing teeth. This innovative dental procedure is made under oral sedation, where a titanium screw is placed in the spot where the tooth used to be. After the osseointegration (the abutment fuses with the jaw bone) process successfully took place, an artificial tooth will be added and adjustments will be made for a proper alignment of the teeth. This is one of the most suggested methods for everyone who deals with tooth loss. Moreover, the dental implants can last a lifetime if suitable dental habits like brushing and flossing the teeth will be adopted every day.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra details and information about the importance of the dental health and the treatments you need to consider for each problem you might have.

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