Aging and Teeth - Tips to Improve the Oral Health

Updated on Thursday 17th August 2017

Aging and Teeth - Tips to Improve the Oral Health Image
As we get old, extra attention to health is required, including the teeth which at a certain age start to deteriorate for varied reasons. An adult person over 40 needs to see the dentist more than just twice per year because starting from this age the body changes, the teeth included. Our dentists in Dubai can offer varied treatments for senior patients who want to improve their appearance and have healthy teeth. We have gathered a few tips to improve the oral health and it is good to know that even persons with a certain age can receive dental implants in Dubai, after a suitable analysis of the denture and medical record.

Dental problems for seniors

Older adults deal with sensitive teeth, due to gum recession and exposed roots to bacteria. Sensitivity to cold air or hot beverages, to sour and sweet drinks, can be the first signs that say your teeth are decayed. Any unusual sign can be a question mark only a dentist can answer, as soon as a complete investigation has been made. Dry mouth is also a common condition in seniors which is typically caused by medication. A dry mouth affects the teeth because the lack of saliva can no longer clean and protect the teeth, leading to halitosis and decay. Systemic illnesses like heart diseases or diabetes alongside with the prescribed medications in such conditions can sometimes affect the health of the teeth and can turn into severe problems if a proper oral care is not provided. Our dentist in Dubai invites seniors who decide on a dental vacation to step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai for suitable investigations and dental check-ups.

How to take care of the denture as a senior

The teeth and the gums can last a life time if suitable oral care is provided and if the daily routines, like brushing and flossing are respected. Besides that, the dental check-ups are also mandatory if you want to detect the dental problems in time. Once we age, the teeth no longer have the same characteristics as they had when we were young. For example, the nerves of the teeth can get smaller, making them more sensitive to decay and cavities. Here are a few tips to consider if you want to have healthy teeth as a senior:

•    if you smoke, it is time to quit such bad habit. After several years of smoking, the teeth change and you can develop gum diseases, tooth decay and eventually tooth loss;
•    seniors with partial dentures need to clean them every day, and it is advisable to remove them over night;
•    it is well-known that fluoride helps the teeth stay away from decay, therefore, it is recommended to drink tap water which contains a high amount of fluoride good for your denture;
•    adopt a healthy diet appropriate for your age and consider the doctor’s recommendations in this matter. Stay away from sugary and acidic products;
•    don’t forget to visit your dentist more than just twice per year. Seniors will meet different body changes during the time, including the teeth, therefore special attention is suggested.

Our Dubai dentist is here to provide recommendations and several dental treatments for seniors interested in having healthy teeth. Please do not hesitate to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information.

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