Avoid Hard Brushing if You Want Healthy Gums

Updated on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Avoid Hard Brushing if You Want Healthy Gums Image
Hard brushing of the teeth usually ends up with bleeding and sensitive gums, a severe method used by persons who think they can clean the teeth better if force is adopted. The decay and cavities cannot be removed by hardly brushing the teeth, as many people think. If you want healthy gums and teeth, our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and recommendations in this matter. Our team can also offer details about the available dental implants in Dubai, if you are a patient who needs to improve the smile.

Why do people hardly brush the teeth?

Many of us consider that if we brush the teeth in a violent manner, we get rid of bacteria, dental plaque or decay instantly. The truth is that such method will only hurt the gums, transforming them from the pink natural color into a red bleeding one. This means you have damaged the gums, making them sensitive and open to bacteria development which is one of the causes why gingivitis appears. The dental plaque is a sticky film which can be easily removed with a normal brushing where no force is needed. The aggressive manner of cleaning the teeth will only lead to injured and scratched gums which can develop severe pain. You may solicit details about how to properly brush the teeth from our Dubai dentists who can also offer details about the available treatments for gingivitis or periodontitis.

How to avoid abrasive brushing?

We remind that decay or any dental problems cannot be removed with aggressive and abrasive brushing which is why we recommend you visit our modern dental clinics in Dubai for details in this matter. Instead of thinking that a hard brushing of the teeth is necessary, you might want to consider the following aspects:

•    don’t hurry when brushing. Take at least two minutes and gently brush the teeth;
•    don’t use a hard brush because it will hurt your gums;
•    keep in mind that abrasive brushing of the teeth will not eliminate cavities;
•    use a soft brush and protect your gums.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for comprehensive information about how to avoid hard brushing if you want healthy gums.