Brush Your Teeth Correctly if You Wear Braces

Updated on Tuesday 10th January 2017

Brush Your Teeth Correctly if You Wear Braces Image
People with braces should know that cleaning the denture might imply a special attention. For instance, it is recommended to brush and clean the teeth after every meal, even if the person is at work or at a restaurant. This is a useful tip because this is the right method to maintain a proper dental health while wearing braces. And the final result will definitely be as expected and patients will enjoy a brand-new appearance with straight teeth. Our dentists in Dubai can offer information about how to brush your teeth correctly if you wear braces. It is good to know that you can also receive successful dental implants in Dubai, after a suitable examination of your dental health.

How to brush your teeth while wearing braces

It is true, a little extra effort it is recommended when brushing and flossing the teeth with braces, but this aspect should not scare the patients at all. Brushing and flossing the teeth twice per day is still recommended, with the mention that you should consider having a travel brush with you and clean your teeth every time you eat, at work, at friends or in town. Food gets stuck around brackets and in many other places hard to reach. The Dubai dentist recommends a soft toothbrush with polishing cups for a proper cleaning of teeth and metal brackets. It is recommended not to forget the other important parts to clean, such as the tongue and the cheeks. Regarding the toothpaste you need, it is suggested to avoid the ones with whitening features because will only act on the areas around the braces.

Brushing the teeth with braces implies the same procedure as for teeth with no orthodontics, where you need to place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle in one corner of the mouth, with back and forth motions. Small circular motions can be used on every tooth, including the braces. Make sure to clean the hard areas to reach, in order to remove any debris or food pieces stuck between the teeth. The entire process should take about four minutes instead of two as for usual denture with no braces. The next step is to clear the mouth with fluoride rinses and then to use dental floss. As a recommendation from our dentist in Dubai, you should consider changing the toothbrush once in three months because it deteriorates quickly.

What happens if you do not consider a proper dental care 

People should know that a proper oral hygiene will lead to a good general health. The braces will straighten the teeth and the correct brushing and flossing the teeth will help you avoid gingivitis, decalcifications (white spots around the brackets) and periodontitis. These severe dental problems may lead to tooth loss and teeth migration if not properly and rapidly repaired. As a conclusion, people with braces should consider extra care for their teeth, and patience because the result, with an attractive smile, will be all that matters.

Additional information about how to brush your teeth if you wear braces can be found if you contact our team of dentists in Dubai. You can receive proper dental treatments in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.