Dental Treatments in Dubai to Remove Bacteria

Updated on Saturday 11th February 2017

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Gingivitis and periodontitis are severe gum diseases which develop because the mouth is full of bacteria. Combined with debris, mucus, and other particles, the bacteria transform into plaque and tartar, leading to gum diseases. But there are many solutions to avoid such problems and our dentists in Dubai are able to provide you with the necessary information. People who suffer from tooth loss can receive dental implants in Dubai.

How to avoid bacteria to develop and damage the teeth

The main techniques to avoid bacteria and gum diseases that come with such germs are known by each one of us. Brushing and flossing the teeth are mandatory at least twice per day. Sugary foods and beverages are acid producers which develop a proper bacteria environment and eat the tooth enamel. It is everyone’s choice what to eat and drink, but the dentist in Dubai recommends every patient to consider visiting the dental clinic at least once in every 5 or 6 months to remove the plaque and tartar. This is how you will avoid the gingivitis and the periodontitis, serious gum diseases that can lead to tooth loss.

Besides the main techniques to clean the teeth, fluoride rinses are also suggested. These can kill bacteria and can keep it away for a long time. There are many options on the market, and you should avoid alcohol mouthwashes because they can damage the and irritate the gum tissues.

Home remedies to keep away bacteria

According to numerous research in dentistry and dental health made by all experts worldwide, our mouth contains about 700 types of bacteria, Streptococcus mutans being the severe ones which play an important role in tooth decay. But there are also good bacteria which clean the mouth and do not cause any harm to the teeth and are met in dairy products. The probiotics contained in yogurts and other fermented products based on milk can also improve the breath, the oral health and can maintain a suitable level between the two kinds of bacteria: the bad ones and the good ones. So, make sure to adopt such products in your diet and to avoid sugary ones. As a home remedy, you can use salted water as mouthwash and you can drink sage tea which is recognized as a proper treatment for bad breath caused by bacteria.

Additional details and information about the available dental treatments to remove bacteria can be found if you contact our team of dentists in Dubai.

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