FAQ About Dental Examination

Updated on Wednesday 18th January 2017

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Our modern dental clinics in Dubai can provide you with proper treatment plans, no matter if we are dealing with root canal procedures, teeth straightening, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants in Dubai or dentistry for children. Please find below the answers to the frequently asked questions related to the dental examination made by our team of dentists in Dubai.


1. Should I be afraid of the dentist? Will it hurt during the examination?

Any future patient who will step into our clinics in Dubai should know that our team is ready to offer proper information and details about any kind of dental treatments before making any procedures. The dental examination causes no pain and implies specific investigations with the help of instruments and dental X-rays. The dentist in Dubai will communicate with you the entire investigation process.


2. Do I get treatments at the first meeting with the dentists?

After a proper examination of your dental health, the Dubai dentists might suggest you certain procedures to clean the small cavities. You can also receive scaling procedures to eliminate the plaque and the tartar. Any other problems will be then discussed with your dentist after finishing the dental check-up.

3. Does the dental X-ray hurt?

Of course not, this is a non-painful procedure which can be done in only a few minutes. Then the dentist in Dubai will examine the result and will recommend the needed treatments for every patient.

4. Do I get emergency help in case of a dental trauma?

Our team of dentists in Dubai is ready to offer emergency aid in case of dental injuries or dental trauma. A suitable examination will be provided and if chipped or fractured teeth are involved, then the patient will receive a special care and treatment under local anesthesia.

5. Do you offer a dental examination for kids?

Children are welcomed in our dental clinics in Dubai, where they can receive treatments and examinations suitable for their ages. Small cavities will be eliminated using the same methods as for adults, with the difference that the pediatrician will adopt a specific communication with the little one. Special rinses for children can be used to avoid any sign of pain. 

6. Do I get information about the dental care at the dental examination?

Our dentist in Dubai will offer you special tips and recommendations related to a correct oral care. After a proper examination of the teeth, the patient will receive details about the needed treatments for his problems and important information about the daily routines and about the nutrition you need to adopt. Minerals and vitamins are necessary for a good general health, including teeth, and the dentist can offer guidance in this matter.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you have any other questions about the dental examination or about our available dental services in Dubai.

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