Flossing Tips for Kids

Updated on Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Just like brushing, flossing the teeth is extremely important for the little ones, as soon as the teeth developed. Parents should be aware of the oral care of children and should teach the kids how to properly clean the denture. Our dentists in Dubai are at your disposal with support and information if you are preparing for the first dental visit with the child. Also, adults are invited to benefit from the dental services we can offer in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

When should children start flossing the teeth?

Parents should teach the kids to brush and floss the teeth as soon as the denture is developed and the diet is diversified. This is an important step in a child’s life and the adults are the ones in charge of teaching them the entire procedure. Normally, the kids are guided by the parents when brushing and flossing for the first time. If the brushing techniques are shown, the next step is to teach the kids how to properly floss the teeth

How to floss the teeth as a kid

The flossing techniques are about the same for children, except the fact that the parents should be aware of not applying so much pressure. Children’s teeth are small and not 100% developed, so the flossing techniques should be gentle and under control. Adjusting the dental floss in the shape of the C letter should be sufficient for properly cleaning the teeth of the little ones. Also, as soon as the kids learned how flossing works, by seeing the parents or himself/herself in the mirror, it is time to let the child try flossing the teeth. As an important tip for both parents and kids, it is good to know that each tooth should be cleaned with a different part of the dental floss, in order to avoid reintroducing food debris between the teeth.

Flossing the teeth at least once per day will help the teeth grow in a proper manner, without dealing with decay and cavities. We remind that the parents are the ones who will guide children in the first steps for brushing and flossing the teeth. As for the adults, we mention that they can benefit from a wide range of dental treatments, among which dental implants in Dubai are among the important ones.

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