How an Endodontic Treatment Will Help You

Updated on Wednesday 11th January 2017

How an Endodontic Treatment Will Help You Image
The root canal treatment or the endodontic treatment as it is known is used to eliminate the decay from the pulp chamber and it is the proper method to see if the tooth can be saved or replaced. Our dentists in Dubai can offer information and details about the available endodontic treatments. You can also receive dental implants in Dubai after a proper examination of your dental health, if the case requires it. Our modern dental clinics in Dubai are equipped with top technology in dentistry, where you can receive treatments for any kind of dental problems.

Why is the endodontic treatment in Dubai recommended?

From the start, we must say that an endodontic treatment can save a tooth with an infected pulp due to severe decay or chipped teeth infected in time by debris and bacteria. Left untreated, the tooth will be painful and the entire infection will transform into an unpleasant abscess. Although it might seem late, the Dubai dentist will offer the necessary aid after a quick examination of the area. A painkiller will be offered in order to release the agony and to make an x-ray to see the status of the pulp, nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth.

The next step is to clean the infected pulp and the canals with the most used and safe method, the root canal treatment or the endodontic treatment. The cleaned place will be closed with filling materials and a dental crown will be added on top of the tooth, at the next visit to your dentist in Dubai

Endodontic treatments in history

The meaning of endodontic has its origins in the Greek language where endo means inside and odont means tooth. But the first root canal treatment ever made in history was in 1756 by the German doctor Phillip Pfaff who used rudimentary instruments and oral sedations made of plants and hard chemical substances. His method was improved in the years to come, Philip Pfaff being now a respected medical institute in Berlin, Germany, where endodontic treatments are used to save and rebuild a damaged tooth, in order to improve the appearance and the proper functions of the entire mouth.

Extra information about the endodontic treatments available in our clinics can be found if you contact our team of dentists in Dubai.