How Can Bonding Change Your Smile?

Updated on Tuesday 13th June 2017

How Can Bonding Change Your Smile? Image
Having a great and attractive smile implies a healthy denture. There are numerous ways a tooth can be repaired, especially if it is chipped, cracked, uneven or exposed due to receding gums. The bonding procedure can be a suitable option in the cases mentioned above and can be explained by our dentists in Dubai. Besides bonding, we remind that you can restore your denture with dental implants in Dubai, as our team is specialized in these important dental treatments.

When is bonding necessary?

The dental bonding is not just a cosmetic procedure, as people might think. The tooth-colored resin material can be used in varied cases like:

•    to repair the chipped teeth;
•    to fill the cavities of a tooth;
•    to close the space between two teeth;
•    to adjust the size of a tooth;
•    to correct the appearance of a stained tooth.

In a case of decayed teeth, a local anesthesia will be necessary, otherwise, the dental bonding is not a painful procedure. The results are amazing and the patient can instantly regain the smile or receive the appearance he/she always wanted.

The bonding technique step by step

Numerous patients visit our modern dental clinics in Dubai to ask details and information about how to improve the smile. The dental bonding is used quite often, depending on the problem discovered by our dentist in Dubai. This important procedure comprises a few steps, such as:

•    local anesthesia before treating a decayed tooth;
•    a shade guide will be used to create the composite resin color for the natural tooth;
•    the surface of the tooth will then be roughened;
•    a bonding liquid will be applied to the natural tooth;
•    the artificial tooth is the applied with the use of special lights;
•    the new tooth will be shaped to align with the rest of the teeth.

The bonding procedure takes about one hour and then the patient will see the result. This is definitely a significant dental treatment which can instantly change the denture and also the smile. The problematic teeth can be solved due to the advanced technology in dentistry, and the result can be as expected: straight and healthy teeth.

If you have questions about how dental bonding can restore your denture, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.