How Nail Biting Affects the Denture

Updated on Thursday 16th August 2018

Are you having the bad habit of biting the nails? It is time to see how this thing affects your teeth as a child and even as a grownup. Our dentists in Dubai can perform a series of dental treatments for varied problems, which is why we invite you to our modern dental clinics in Dubai. With access to top technology in dentistry, our patients can receive special dental services in Dubai and also various dental health recommendations.

Risks for biting the nails

Besides a bad manicure, the dental health can be pretty much affected when biting the nails. The case gets complicated if such bad habit starts early as a child because the teeth cannot develop properly, can crack and can grow in misaligned positions. Moreover, there are numerous chances for the roots of the teeth to grow halfway, risking a tooth root resorption. 

As for the adults who have the unpleasant habit of eating the nails, they can develop bruxism which will affect the tooth enamel and turn into tooth sensitivity. Our dentists in Dubai can explain what bruxism is and can talk to parents with children who have the bad habit of biting nails or chewing all sorts of things like pencils, plastics, etc. It is extremely important to ask for recommendations from our doctors, in order to teach your child to get rid of nail biting.

Nail biting can affect the gum tissues

Besides the teeth that can be easily affected by the habit of biting the nails, the gum tissues can suffer all types of affections and transformations. When biting the nails, microbes are introduced in the mouth, affecting in time the gum tissues which are already exposed to dental bacteria that turn into gingivitis and periodontitis. Having an idea about the dental risks you can meet when having unwanted habits like nail biting can only help you avoid complicated dental problems. Please talk to a Dubai dentist if you are planning a dental trip and need varied dental treatments, among which cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening or dental implants in Dubai.

How can you avoid nail biting and protect the teeth?

The dentists in Dubai can make several recommendations among which wearing a mouthguard and this way avoiding as much as possible biting the nails. This can be worn as prescribed by the dentist. Other therapies can be offered like the ones related to the tongue relaxation having the mouth closed and the teeth apart.

We recommend you contact our Dubai dentists and ask for information about the dental services in Dubai