How to Choose the Right Type of Dental Implant

Updated on Wednesday 27th September 2017

How to Choose the Right Type of Dental Implant Image
A dental implant is necessary from varied reasons: to enhance the smile, to recover the properties of the denture or to regain the proper functions of the teeth. The right type of dental implant for your situation can be chosen by our dentists in Dubai after a suitable dental examination. Many patients step in our modern dental clinics in Dubai and ask for the right kind of treatment and this can only be offered after a complete dental check-up which can reveal the dental problems to be the solved in the first place.

Types of dental implants in Dubai

A combination of fixed and removable dental bridgework, where the dental implants support a segment of a fixed bridge might be necessary for middle-age or senior patients who want to repair their teeth in order to regain the main uses of the teeth: eating and speaking. Endosteal implants are also recommended by our Dubai dentists for patients who are searching for a smile improvement beside the main attributes of the denture. Such dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and once the gums cover the artificial teeth, the doctor will place the support for the original dental implant. The artificial tooth will then be positioned onto the special support like a dental bridge.

Over-denture dental implants in Dubai

In cases where patients over 50 years of age need to replace more than just one tooth, the dentist in Dubai can suggest over-denture dental implants. This treatment can help a patient protect the gum tissue from being absorbed over the years, a serious issue many seniors deal with. Your dentist can explain what type of dental implant is suitable for you, as soon as a dental examination is performed.

Mini dental implants in Dubai

Mini dental implants are also used for smile and denture improvements, especially for replacing the small front teeth. A mini dental implant can be a suitable option for any kind of patient, in order to stop a facial collapse, a severe problem which occurs when there is a lack of front teeth. These are also made of durable materials, and if the proper oral habits are considered, the mini dental implants can last for a lifetime.

Why choose dental implants in Dubai?

Regaining the smile, the confidence and getting rid of embarrassment in front of others are among important reasons why a patient should have dental implants. Your smile will always depend on a great denture and dental implants may solve such problems. These are long-lasting solutions recommended by our Dubai dentists, and we remind that any kind of procedure is made under local anesthesia, without having thoughts that you might feel pain or discomfort.

If you are interested in dental implants in Dubai, and you don't know which is the right type for you, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for appointments and personalized offers.