How to Clean the Tongue When You Brush the Teeth

Updated on Monday 08th May 2017

How to Clean the Tongue When You Brush the Teeth Image
People who want to maintain a good oral health with a fresh breath should understand that it is not sufficient to brush the teeth twice per day. The entire mouth needs to be cleaned, so does the tongue where special techniques need to be adopted. If you want healthy and strong teeth we invite you to get in touch with our dentists in Dubai for a complete dental check-up and personalized treatment plans. You can also receive dental implants in Dubai if you want to adjust your denture and regain your smile.

Cleaning the teeth to avoid bad breath

Brushing and flossing the teeth will help you stay away from bacteria and decay, but these habits should involve the daily cleaning of the tongue if you want to avoid halitosis. The debris or the food particles also stay on the tongue, letting bacteria to develop, attack the teeth and change the smell of the mouth. All these can vanish if you also brush the tongue right after you have finished cleaning the teeth. You can concentrate on cleaning the tongue with the toothbrush, starting from the back of the tongue and ending in front with soft pressure. The next step is rinsing the mouth as you usually do. There are numerous toothbrushes with a special back of the head which is used to clean the tongue, so you might want to search for these particular items. It is true, while you start cleaning your tongue you might feel a strange sensation from the stomach due to the taste of toothpaste but it will only be there for just a few seconds. 

People can also use a tongue scraper which is a small tool made of soft plastic. This can easily erase or peel the debris layer from the tongue and then washed with warm water after each use. Our Dubai dentist recommends the tongue cleaning techniques for a fresh, clean and correct breath. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai you can receive dental treatments for halitosis, gingivitis, cavities, decay, dental injuries and many others. For a successful dental implant in Dubai, it is best to seek our help and recommendations.

Do I need to clean the tongue daily?

If you have this question in mind, the answer is yes. Each time you brush the teeth, make sure to give proper attention to the tongue, in the morning and before you go to bed. If you don’t want to feel a loaded tongue and if you do not wish to develop halitosis, our dentist in Dubai recommends extra care when cleaning the mouth by brushing the tongue every time you brush the teeth. And for extra protection of the teeth, it is suggested to use mint and fluoride mouthwashes which create a barrier between the teeth and bacteria.

Additional information about how to clean the tongue when you brush the teeth can be found if you contact with our team of dentists in Dubai.

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