How to Eat When Having Fillings

Updated on Thursday 12th January 2017

How to Eat When Having Fillings Image
White and grey fillings are the most used materials in dentistry due to the special structures and features they have. The dental materials are used to fill the holes in the teeth, after a root canal treatment. There are particular rules to consider when having fillings and most of them are related to the things you are allowed to eat and the routines you need to consider. Our dentists in Dubai can offer you details and information about the filling materials available for numerous types of treatments and also recommendations if you want successful dental implants in Dubai.

What are the dental fillings?

The fillings were used for the first time in 1819 thanks to the brilliant mind of Jacob Bell, a British pharmaceutical chemist who created an amalgam of mercury and other substances to repair the decayed teeth. Since then, dentistry developed quite fast and nowadays, the dentists worldwide use grey fillings made of silver, mercury, copper and zinc. The white fillings are made of resin paste named composite or tooth-colored fillings which harden rapidly on the tooth compared to the grey ones.

Important tips to properly chew when having fillings

First of all, the dentist in Dubai will suggest you avoid hard and sticky foods and not to eat a few hours after the treatment which implied dental fillings. These materials need to properly combine with the tooth, in order to correctly eat as soon as possible. As a recommendation, patients should pay extra attention when eating and it is suggested to chew with closed mouth to avoid cold air that might cause pain or sensitivity. You should also eat slowly and bite small pieces of your food, at least for a short period of time. Hot and cold drinks need to be removed from your diet or habits in the recovery time, until the dentist agrees on your future visit that the fillings are hard enough.

Nuts, seeds, candies, crusty pizza, ice cubes, fruits with hard shell need to be avoided for a while. Sticky and gummy foods should be eliminated also because they might get stuck on the filling that is not hard enough yet. The Dubai dentist recommends practicing healthy habits and adopting a diet with soft foods, lots of vegetables and fruits, white meat and smoothies.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about how to eat when having fillings and about the treatments available in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.