How to Preserve Healthy Gums

Updated on Friday 19th May 2017

How to Preserve Healthy Gums Image
The natural color of the teeth will say if your denture is healthy. The coral pink is usually the perfect color which says your gums are properly taking care of and periodontitis might stay away for a while. But having healthy and clean gums will definitely depend on your daily habits related to a proper brushing and flossing among many others. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with complete information and details about how to preserve healthy gums and teeth. Besides that, you can receive dental implants in Dubai, if you want a proper denture after suffering from dental trauma or injuries.

Keep your gums healthy to avoid dental problems

Bad breath, receding gums, permanent teeth which start to move, and bleeding gums are signs which indicate you have some dental problems. Gingivitis and periodontitis are among illnesses which cause tooth loss in many patients. But if you want to avoid such severe problems, you should consider taking care of the gums in just a few simple steps:

•    brush the teeth at least twice per day;
•    change the toothbrush once in three months;
•    clean the tongue every time you brush the teeth;
•    floss the teeth as soon as you finished brushing the teeth;
•    visit the dentist periodically for professional cleanings;
•    use mouth rinses to kill bacteria which affect the gums.

There are numerous treatments from which you can benefit in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, in order to preserve healthy teeth and of course healthy gums.

Professional dental cleanings for healthy gums 

Beside the daily habits related to your denture, our Dubai dentist counsel all patients to remember and consider the importance of professional dental cleanings. In this important step, the bacteria which develop on the teeth causing the tartar and the dental plaque is eliminated with special dental treatments which also include a session of fluoridation to strengthen the teeth. A high-powered electric brush will be used in this important step to complete get rid of the dental plaque which is known as the main cause of gingivitis, the initial stage of periodontitis.

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for comprehensive information about how to preserve healthy teeth with dental treatments and home care.