How to Prevent Orthodontic Problems

Updated on Friday 03rd February 2017

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People with orthodontics need to adopt extra care which implies certain foods and particular brushing and flossing techniques among many important aspects.  And for a proper orthodontic treatment and excellent final results you should consider talking to our dentists in Dubai for additional recommendations. As a reminder, people who suffered from tooth loss can receive dental implants in Dubai and regain the smile and the appearance. 

Special foods for people who wear braces

If you step in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you will receive suitable orthodontic treatments after a correct evaluation of your denture. Besides that, the Dubai dentist is able to offer a few important recommendations related to the diet you need to adopt when wearing braces. Solid foods like nuts, crusty bread, hard fruits, and vegetables are strictly forbidden. You might risk moving your braces with such hard foods and they can also get stuck between the teeth and the wires. Soft foods are recommended instead and here we suggest mash potatoes with soft turkey meat, steamed vegetables with olive oil, all kinds of cheese, yogurts, spaghetti, vegetable and noodle soups.

It is mandatory to brush the teeth after any kind of meal, no matter where you might be. This is how you will avoid bacteria to develop while wearing braces. Besides that, it is important to visit your dentist in Dubai to see if plaque and tartar appeared. He can also verify the braces and if there are adjustments to be made.

Don’t forget to brush the teeth at least twice per day

Patients with braces should prepare a travel set with a toothbrush and a toothpaste because it is recommended to brush the teeth right after every meal, even if you are at work or having dinner in the city. At home, a specific brushing needs to be made, without forgetting the main areas you need to clean: the chewing surfaces, all sides of the teeth, the tongue. Flossing the teeth is also mandatory and can be made before you get into bed. The next step is to clean the mouth with fluoride rinses. A special dental visit is impetuous right after six months since the orthodontic treatments were implemented.

Poor dental care will lead to serious dental problems

The purpose of an orthodontic treatment is to correct and straighten the teeth, but the patient needs to maintain a proper oral care, in order to avoid cavities, bad breath, and bacteria development. When having braces, the debris may get stuck between the teeth and the braces, therefore, the patient needs to offer extra attention when brushing and flossing the teeth.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra information related to the orthodontic treatments available in our clinics.

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