How to Take Care of Your Teeth

Updated on Sunday 09th October 2016

How to Take Care of Your Teeth Image
A correct oral care is mandatory for each and one of us. In a big picture, this means to avoid sugars and smoking, and properly brush and floss the teeth. Taking good care of your teeth will prevent decay, plaque, gingivitis, bone loss, and infection, and will strengthen the confidence, due to a beautiful smile. The life style is also important because adopting a healthy diet will definitely help you maintain a proper oral health. Our dentists in Dubai can provide all patients with information and details about how to take care of their teeth. It is good to know that in our modern dental clinics you can receive dental implants in Dubai and proper treatment plans.

Essential tips for healthy teeth

Nowadays, there are many choices for everyone who wishes to take care of the teeth. Special toothpastes, rinses, solutions and many other treatments are available for all people. For healthy teeth, our Dubai dentist recommends a balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables and fibers. This is the first step that you should consider when thinking of the oral care. Avoiding sugars and smoking that lead to tooth decay is essential. As we all know, regularly dental visits and checkups are necessary to maintain a great dental health. Although it may seem quite easy, brushing the teeth involves positioning the toothbrush at 45 degrees angle, near the gum line. Up and down, back and forth motions need to be done gently, in order to prevent the teeth bleeding. Pay attention to the inside cleaning that includes also the tongue.

Our dentist in Dubai recommends brushing the teeth twice a day, in order to remove bacteria. A special rinse can be used after brushing and flossing the teeth. These types of washes, if used daily, can help you maintain a good oral health.

What to eat and what to avoid 

Sodas, juices, alcohol and coffee contain lots of phosphorus, usually more than the necessary daily amount, so it is recommended to cut them lose, if you wish to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Too much phosphorus will level down the calcium, the main vitamin for strong teeth. Instead of these harmful beverages, you should drink milk for strengthen the teeth enamel and water for a healthy and hydrated body.

Periodontal problems, bad breath and oral cancer have usually a major cause: smoking. There are plenty of treatments and substitutes, if you wish to get rid of this dangerous habit. As a recommendation, you should consider adding broccoli, yogurt, cheese and fruits to your daily food habits. The body needs to receive calcium, zinc, vitamin D, iron and iodine, in order to properly function, including teeth.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai, if you need extra information about how to take care of your teeth.