How to Teach the Children to Brush the Teeth

Updated on Monday 17th April 2017

How to Teach the Children to Brush the Teeth Image
The proper brushing of the teeth takes about two minutes, but do children have enough patience to do this every day, even twice per day as recommended by the dentists? This is where parents should intervene and teach the children the importance of the oral health. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information about the dentistry for children and the habits you need to implement for a healthy denture of the little ones. We remind that patients who want to improve their appearance can receive dental implants in Dubai.

Learning the kids how to brush the teeth 

Children are vivacious, ready to play anytime and anywhere, and ready to find out new things every day. The oral hygiene for children needs to be implemented in early ages and can start as a funny but important play. Starting at the age of 2, a child can be taught how to use a toothbrush and why such habit is important. The Dubai dentist can suggest parents buying special toothbrushes with soft bristles and toothpaste specially made for children. A pea-size amount of toothpaste should be sufficient for the beginning if the child is two or three years and growing teeth. The market is generous nowadays and you can let your child choose the toothpaste and the toothbrush, transforming the daily habit into a serious but funny game. Even the teeth of the children need to be cleaned with dental floss, a case in which the dentist in Dubai will recommend parents to use picks or floss sticks instead of a string.

When should the kid start brushing the teeth without help?

Starting at the age of 6, a child can start to brush the teeth all by himself and with a parental advice at the beginning. Explaining the kid the importance of brushing the teeth in early ages will lead to a healthy mouth and the understanding of having a good oral hygiene and no toothaches.  As a recommendation, you can buy an electric toothbrush for children which can make them even more attracted to this important habit. Besides that, the electric toothbrushes are more efficient when fighting bacteria and dental plaque which can also develop on children’s teeth.

If you want to know more details about the oral hygiene on children, we recommend you visit our modern dental clinics in Dubai. Please contact our team of dentists in Dubai for further information about our dental services.

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