How to Treat a Chipped Tooth

Updated on Tuesday 03rd January 2017

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth Image
A chipped tooth involves a small fissure or crack of the enamel, causes no bleeding, but the sharpened edge of this tooth may hurt the tongue and the cheeks. The treatment is relatively easy and can be done in our modern dental clinics in Dubai. You may also receive dental implants in Dubai after a proper examination of your dental health. Our dentists in Dubai can offer details and information about the dental treatments available for patients with chipped teeth.

What to do if you have a chipped tooth?

People can chip the teeth when eating hard candies or any other tough foods, or when dealing with minor accidents. Luckily, the pain is not as big as for a broken tooth, but immediate assistance and aid from our dentist in Dubai is recommended. He will analyze the injured tooth, and if there isn’t a risk of pulp damage, the dentist will reshape the tooth and then will place a dental filling or other restorative materials to fix and to reconstruct the chipped tooth. The entire procedure can be done under local anesthesia in only one visit to your dentist. It is good to know that the tooth fragments can be placed or reattached with certain bonding procedures.

Treatments for chipped primary teeth

The primary and the permanent teeth can be chipped in different situations and can be treated right away. Most chipped teeth do not involve severe pain, but sensitivity will appear, especially if we are talking about children. In case of a chipped tooth, the Dubai dentist will examine the injured area, to see if the nerve was damaged or not, and can also make dental x-rays, if the situation requires it. The next step is to rebuild the teeth will special fillings or other dental materials. Primary teeth are extremely important and need to be treated as soon as you see something different about your kids' teeth.

The dentist in Dubai can provide you with information about the available treatments for chipped teeth and can also suggest you the proper methods and therapies, in order to regain the right functions of the mouth and also the smile.

You are invited to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional details about how to treat a chipped tooth or about different dental services made in our modern dental clinics in Dubai.