How to Treat Microcavities in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 15th April 2018

The initial stage of a cavity is called microcavity and it is the main sigh of decay. This occurs when demineralization of the teeth begins, affecting the outer layer of enamel. Microcavities can be treated in our modern dental clinics in Dubai and patients can receive several types of treatments. Information in this matter can be offered by our dentists in Dubai who can also offer details about how to receive dental implants in Dubai.

Conservative treatments for microcavities

A complete dental check-up may reveal microcavities which normally are treated easily. Calcium, fluoride, and phosphate are important minerals which sustain the health of the teeth, and when acids and a poor oral hygiene intervene, there are numerous chances to develop microcavities. Even though it is a light stage of decay, it is strongly recommended to see the dentist and to receive the necessary treatment for your case. A remineralization procedure is usually offered in our dental offices in Dubai, a conservative treatment which is preferred instead of dental fillings. Depending on the level of development of a microcavity, your Dubai dentist will determine the accurate treatment method, whether it is necessary to apply a conservative treatment or a root canal therapy.

How to avoid microcavities

First of all, your dentist in Dubai will be in charge of the post treatments for microcavities, meaning that home remedies can be suggested. Instead of developing serious cavities, it is best to adopt or to remind the importance of brushing and flossing the teeth at least twice per day. No matter how tired you are on a particular night, gather yourself and brush the teeth before going to bed. In addition to these important habits, it is recommended to use mouthwashes based on fluoride on a daily basis, to adopt a healthy diet without snacks, sweets and carbonated drinks and to see the dentist from time to time.

Microcavities can be treated easily in our Dubai clinics, but for complete information in this matter, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.