Interdental Cleaning Before Brushing the Teeth - Why Is It Recommended?

Updated on Tuesday 27th November 2018

The latest research in dentistry revealed a few interesting facts among which the importance of flossing the teeth before brushing them is highly effective. Some dentists and experts think that this is not something new, however, it is recommended to brush and floss the teeth twice per day for healthy and clean teeth. Our dentists in Dubai can offer detailed information about the dental treatments made in our modern dental clinics in Dubai and about the ways in which you can preserve the teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Considering interdental cleaning of high importance

Food and debris between the teeth not eliminated in time can lead to plaque and tartar which will seriously affect the teeth at a certain point. According to recent studies, the teeth can be protected even more, and this means offering a serious attention to the ways in which the denture can be cleaned and preserved. For example, the interdental cleaning before brushing the teeth can be the proper solution in this matter. This kind of method will also ease the brushing techniques because a person will avoid hard scrubbing which is often used to eliminate debris. The interdental cleaning is of high importance when it comes to the health status of the denture. Combined with the daily routines like brushing the denture with a toothpaste rich in fluoride, the interdental cleaning should be in the attention of each and one of us, on a daily basis, in order to maintain a healthy denture.

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Short guide about the interdental brushing

The dental product market is highly developed, and patients have many choices when it comes to the necessary devices for a proper dental cleaning. An interdental brush, for example, can be used before the teeth are brushed. Such a device can be gently used through the gaps between the teeth in order to eliminate the food and debris. It is also recommended to use a mouthwash as soon as the interdental brush has been used, in order to eliminate the food particles from the mouth, before the tooth brushing begins.

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