Interesting Facts About Your Teeth

Updated on Sunday 04th June 2017

Interesting Facts About Your Teeth Image
Have you ever wondered how ancient people used to take care of their teeth? How did they treat dental problems? We are going to tell you a few interesting facts related to the denture, but before we do, we remind that our dentists in Dubai can perform numerous procedures for everyone in search of a perfect smile and healthy teeth. We remind that the dental implants in Dubai are necessary treatments for persons who suffered from dental trauma which led to tooth loss.

Dental treatments in ancient times

The decay and cavity are severe dental problems everyone encounters at least once in a lifetime. But before modern dentistry appeared, people had to adopt all sorts of methods to get rid of toothaches and heal the teeth. For instance, the holes in the teeth were treated with henbane seeds (stinking nightshades) or heated beeswax. This was not an efficient method and people eventually had to eliminate the damaged tooth. As for the brushing techniques, the first ever known toothbrush was made of tree twigs which had to be chewed. The Greeks invented some kind of a toothpaste made of coral powder and iron rust way back in the 500 B.C. The Mayans covered the holes in the teeth with all kinds of gems, but eventually, they had to pull out the unhealthy teeth

You have 32 teeth! Take care of them!

Getting back in our times, we remind that our teeth are unique, just like the fingerprints, which is why denture examination is made to identify a person in particular cases. The denture is composed of 12 molars, 8 premolars, 4 canine teeth and 8 incisors. Exactly like the bones, the teeth are extremely strong due to their components, where calcium and phosphate create the enamel, the exterior layer of a tooth. This protection can be attacked by bacteria and can develop cavities. Even at the first sign of cavity, you should see a dentist who can fix the problem. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you can receive important treatments to fight decay and cavities, in order to regain the health of the teeth.

More than 300 types of bacteria develop in the dental plaque

There are different species of bacteria which can develop in the mouth and on the teeth, causing decay, gingivitis and many other dental problems. But the Streptococcus Mutants is the bacteria which can turn carbohydrates and sugars from foods into bad acids that attack the teeth. It is true, we cannot eliminate bacteria for good, but we can definitely adopt a proper oral hygiene with daily brushing and flossing. Moreover, we remind that mouthwashes are important weapons against bacteria and are recommended by our Dubai dentists, especially the rinses based on fluoride and other important substances which can kill bacteria.

Saliva protects your teeth

There are numerous people who suffer from dry mouth, a severe condition which leads to dental problems. Saliva can protect your teeth by washing away food particles and balancing and neutralizing the acids in the mouth. Without saliva, the teeth can easily be attacked by bacteria and the person can develop halitosis and gum diseases. It is true, saliva cannot be produced due to certain health problems and medication, cases where a particular amount of water is recommended alongside with a healthy diet with no sugars and less coffee.

If you want a complete dental examination to see the status of your teeth, we invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.