Minerals and Vitamins for Protecting Your Teeth

Updated on Thursday 06th October 2016

Minerals and Vitamins for Protecting Your Teeth Image
Besides brushing and flossing, a healthy diet will protect your teeth from decay and gum diseases. Vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus and many other important minerals and vitamins are necessary for your dental health. Our dentists in Dubai can offer suitable details and information about how to protect your teeth with essential nutrients. And it is good to know that you can receive dental implants in Dubai, our modern dental clinics being well prepared with high-class technology.

1. Vitamin C for your teeth

Vitamin C is very important in preserving the gum tissues strong, because without it, your teeth might weaken in time. Foods like oranges, peppers, broccoli, limes, sweet potatoes or kale are rich in Vitamin C, therefore you should put them on your list.

2. Phosphorus is vital for your teeth

Phosphorus can be found in grains, cheese, beans, yogurt or nuts, and it is necessary to maintain your bone teeth healthy and in the right shape. Phosphorus combines perfectly with Calcium, another important mineral.

3. Calcium must be on top priorities

Calcium is an important mineral found in the jawbone, and is necessary to maintain your teeth healthy and the bone structure strong. Green apples, almonds, green vegetables, oysters, dairy products and broccoli are among foods rich in calcium.

4. Iron is good for your teeth

It is good to know that iron maintains red blood cell to a suitable level, letting the body to fight against infection that implies gum disease. The Dubai dentist recommends you to eat red meat, eggs, cereals and green vegetables, in order to keep your defences activated.

5. Fluoride for your teeth

All toothpastes contain fluoride, an important element that fights against tooth decay and gum disease. It is the proper mineral for remineralization of your teeth enamel, the well-known protective tooth coat. Fluoride can be found in seafood, black tea and water. 

As a tip from our dentist in Dubai, you should avoid chewable vitamin C or any other supplements with this shape, because it can change the Ph of your mouth, and erode the tooth enamel, also causing minerals lost. Having a balanced diet is essential for a proper oral care, alongside with periodical dental visits. You can definitely bet on fresh fruits, and especially on apples, because are known as the toothbrush of nature, due to their power of stimulating the saliva flow that decreases the mouth acidity.

For additional information about vitamins and minerals necessary for your dental health, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.