Oral Health Recommendations for Seniors

Updated on Wednesday 31st October 2018

Even though we have to take care of the teeth since early ages, it is highly recommended to consider the importance of dental health as seniors. Gum diseases which are not treated in time can lead to teeth loss at persons of 60 years of age or more. We invite you to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai and ask information about the dental services we can provide and about the personalized offers we can propose for dental implants in Dubai.

The reasons why older persons start to lose the teeth

More than 75% of older people have suffered from tooth loss in a large proportion, the reasons for that being related to the gum diseases or illnesses like Alzheimer, diabetes or osteoporosis. In the case of Alzheimer, a cruel illness that affects the brain, the persons who suffer from such disease start to forget how to brush the teeth. This definitely leads to a poor oral hygiene and the loss of the teeth in a short period of time. Osteoporosis is another serious illness that affects older people and particularly the bone structure. Many women are affected by such a disease as they get old and this situation leads to a weak denture and eventually tooth loss. Luckily, there are varied dental treatments for seniors who want to repair the teeth and among these, the dental implants are the most important ones.

Keeping an eye on the correct diet

Fruits and vegetables are still the main sources of minerals and vitamins a person can have. It is also available for older persons who need to have complete attention to their health from this point of view. Even though sugars, fats, and other harmful elements are part of our lives on a daily basis, the dentist in Dubai recommends all persons, including seniors to get rid of such bad habits that affect the teeth in a large proportion. 

Having dental implants as a senior person

One of the best way to repair a denture is with the help of dental implants which are at the disposal of anyone interested in gaining confidence and a great smile. A dental implant is usually offered after a complete verification of the denture and a series of analyses that can decide whether the patient can receive dental implants or not. This normally depends on the osseointegration process and the ways in which the implant is integrated or not. A successful dental implant is definitely the priority of our Dubai dentists who offer complete attention to older persons who are interested in repairing the teeth as soon as possible.

After receiving dental implants in Dubai, seniors should pay attention to the ways of preserving the denture as healthy as possible. We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra details about our dental services for seniors.