Panoramic Dental X-Rays in Dubai Clinics

Updated on Sunday 10th September 2017

Panoramic Dental X-Rays in Dubai Clinics Image
Dental check-ups are suggested for all patients, in order for the doctor to see the status of the denture and if there are any special problems. Our dentists in Dubai can read and explain the panoramic dental x-rays which can reveal all sorts of issues which cannot be seen with a dental mirror or detected with other dental instruments. The procedure is not painful and can be made in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, with complete protection for the patient against radiation.

The importance of panoramic dental x-rays

The upper and the lower jaws can be examined with the help of panoramic dental x-rays and then interpreted by our Dubai dentists. The sinuses can also be seen with the help of x-rays and, if there are any problems, such procedure will help the doctor see what’s going on. Bone abnormalities, teeth fractures or fissures, dental infections or impacted teeth can be spotted once a dental x-ray has been made. After the dentist analyzed the teeth and considered there are some issues he/she cannot properly detect, a dental x-ray is suggested. Even patients who are good candidates for dental implants in Dubai should expect an x-ray to be performed, in order for the doctor to see the status of the jaw bone and if a sinus augmentation is recommended before any treatment.

Dental x-ray machine in our Dubai dental clinics

The panoramic dental x-rays are different from the intraoral ones because the imaging machine and the film will be used outside the mouth. Furthermore, the panoramic x-ray machine consists of a tube which is placed on one horizontal arm pointed towards where the x-ray film is positioned. A bite-blocker will help the patient keep the mouth open while the film is taken. The entire procedure lasts about a few minutes, it is not painful and the patient will be protected from radiation with a special vest. Please consider that pregnant women are not allowed to make dental x-rays, as such procedure might affect the baby. Even persons who have received x-rays within a six months period should talk to their dentists and see if they are suitable candidates for another x-ray session.

For complete information about the panoramic dental x-rays we can perform in our dental clinics in Dubai, alongside with varied dental treatments, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.