Post Nasal Drip Condition and Your Dental Health

Updated on Tuesday 16th May 2017

Post Nasal Drip Condition and Your Dental Health Image
Once the weather gets cold, you might experience drippy nose and further sinus infections which may lead to dental problems like bad breath or dry mouth. These are severe oral problems which need special care from our dentists in Dubai. If you want to get more information in this matter and receive special treatments, we invite you in our top-class dental clinics in Dubai. If a dental treatment plan is accepted, this can also involve dental implants in Dubai if you have suffered from tooth loss or you want to change your appearance.

Nasal drip condition and its consequences

The halitosis and the dry mouth can develop once you catch a cold and have a drippy nose or you experience a post nasal drip. The infection affects the throat, due to the extra quantity of mucus and the adopted medication. All these, alongside with a poor oral hygiene where the debris starts to turn into bacteria, will lead to decay, bad breath, and eventually cavities. If you do not want to develop such problems, it is recommended to see a doctor for your general health status and a dentist who can examine the entire mouth. Our Dubai dentist will use dental x-rays to see any signs of decay, and if such problem occurs, a dental treatment plan will be provided.

Reduce the dripping nose condition and protect your teeth

A bad medical condition like a sinus infection or bronchitis involves all kinds of pills and treatments which is why the breath transforms into an unpleasant one. Dry mouth is also a consequence of illness and medication, where the saliva cannot be produced constantly to maintain the moist of the mouth and the health of the teeth. While having a cold and a drippy nose, it is recommended to adopt a light diet, as much as possible with no sugars and carbohydrates which can cause dental plaque and eventually gingivitis. You might experience sensitive teeth while suffering from a respiratory illness and special medication might be imposed.

Please contact our team of dentists in Dubai if you suffer from post nasal drip condition and your teeth are affected.

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