Prenatal Dental Check-up in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 12th November 2017

Prenatal Dental Check-up in Dubai Image
When having a baby on the way, all women should consider having an extra care of their teeth starting with the first pregnancy semester. Being a healthy mother from a dental point of view means also developing a healthy baby. Our dentists in Dubai deal with many pregnant women who are interested in dental check-ups and who want to find out more details about the status of their denture. As for patients who suffered from tooth loss, they can benefit from dental implants in Dubai and regain the smile and the overall confidence.

Steps involved in a dental check-up for pregnant women

According to specialists in dentistry, a mother’s health is strongly related to the future evolution of the baby. Taking care of the denture once in a while, as recommended by the dentist, must be attentively considered because the hormone levels change during a pregnancy. The child’s dental future will depend on how a mother takes care of her teeth. At our dental clinics in Dubai, mothers-to-be are examined without having dental x-rays, but with the help of varied dental instruments and pain-free. Pregnant women may face swollen gums which is a normal thing in such condition. Our Dubai dentist reminds his patients, especially the pregnant women, that there are chances to develop gingivitis or periodontitis, two severe gum illnesses. Also, any sign of decay should be solved at our dental clinics when a dental check-up is made, and please consider that any intervention is made under local anesthesia, a procedure which is not harmful to pregnant women.

Oral health methods to consider at home

Pregnant women should also respect the daily habits as used before. Brushing and flossing the teeth is mandatory if you want to stay away from decay or other issues which might appear. Due to a sensitive overall mood, mothers-to-be might deal with reflux sensations when using toothpaste, and in this matter, our doctors recommend cleaning the mouth with mixed baking soda and water. Besides that, as it is known, the toothbrush must be changed once in three months. As a solid recommendation from our dentist in Dubai to pregnant women interested in a healthy denture, we mention that they can still use mouthwashes but without alcohol, in order to properly maintain the enamel on the teeth during pregnancy.

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for complete information about how to keep healthy teeth during the pregnancy period.