Proper Nutrition for Children to Avoid Cavities

Updated on Monday 16th January 2017

Proper Nutrition for Children to Avoid Cavities Image
Sugary foods and beverages are the main reason why children develop cavities or tooth decay. Besides that, if the child doesn’t know how to brush and clean the teeth as daily routines, then the situation might complicate a little bit. The parents are advised by our dentists in Dubai to make healthy selections when dealing with the child nutrition. Besides that, it is good to know that you can ask details and information about the dental implants in Dubai. You can receive proper treatment plans if you step into our modern dental clinics in Dubai.

Adopt a proper nutrition for the child’s healthy teeth

All pediatricians recommend food low in carbs and rich in vitamins and minerals for a good health and a proper development. Most kids are pretentious, whiny and want what they see on TV or at other children. Pretzels, candies, chocolate, potato chips or cakes should definitely be avoided if you want to have a child with healthy teeth and no cavities. As a recommendation from our Dubai dentist, parents should adopt these kinds of foods:

•    cheese, milk and yogurt are sources of calcium for strong bones and teeth;
•    broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery are sources for vitamin C;
•    chicken, white fish, turkey are sources of energy;
•    pears, apples, grapes, melons, cherries, avocado, and apricots are rich in vitamins;
•    water can be used instead of unhealthy soda, in order to avoid tooth decay.

It is good to know that nutrition with low sugars will help the child stay away from cavities.

Eliminate these foods if you want a child with no tooth decay

Peanut butter, dried fruits, potato chips, gummy bears, chocolate bars, jelly beans, hard candies, white bread or starch should be eliminated from your child’s nutrition because they influence the tooth decay. These will make the saliva not to produce in the normal quantities to clean the teeth from the melted sugars in the mouth. If your child eats such products, you should brush and clean their teeth, if you don’t want bacteria to develop, besides caries, and cavities. Consider that eating snacks between the meals instead of giving a proper time to let the mouth to clean itself will only help bacteria to appear because the child won’t brush the teeth every time he eats something.

Go with the child to the dentist

Besides adopting a healthy diet for your kid, you should explain the importance of the dentist and start paying some visits. The dentist in Dubai will investigate the child’s oral care, will offer small but important cavity treatments if the situation requires it and will suggest special fluoride toothpaste for the little ones to help them develop healthy and strong teeth. Any pediatric dentist has special qualifications and knows how to communicate with a sensitive child, to relax him in the chair and to show him there will be no pain or other fears.

Details about the proper nutrition for children to avoid cavities can be found if you contact our team of dentists in Dubai.