Pulp Therapy for Children

Updated on Sunday 25th June 2017

Pulp Therapy for Children Image
The nerves, the tissue, and the blood vessels are found inside of a tooth in the form of the pulp, and even though it is covered, it can be easily attacked by bacteria, especially on children who eat lots of candies or sugar-based products. Once the pulp is affected by decay, it starts to swell and to hurt. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, all children are welcomed in order for their denture to be fixed, of course, under local anesthesia. Our dentists in Dubai can talk to the parents and explain what pulp therapy means and the importance it can have on the teeth of the children.

What is pulp therapy and how it works on children? 

If the nerve of the tooth has been attacked by decay, it is time to see the dentist or the pediatric dentist who will try to repair the damaged tooth. This is where the pulp therapy will be performed, an important treatment which addresses to children with primary baby teeth and also with the permanent ones. The pulp therapy consists of a root canal treatment and a nerve treatment, in order to repair the injured tooth and to save it, especially if it is a permanent tooth. In this stage, under local anesthesia, the affected pulp or tissue will be removed and then a crown will be added to strengthen the tooth and to avoid future damages.

Even though the baby teeth will fall starting at the age of six, the dentist in Dubai recommends the pulp therapy because until the teeth start to change, they still have the main functions for eating and speaking. While the children receive pulp therapy treatments, the parents can solicit information about the dental implants in Dubai, another important treatment for adults necessary in cases of tooth loss.

Pulpectomy as part of the pulp therapy for children

The pulpectomy is a dental treatment which is performed in cases where the tooth is severely damaged, including all the nerves. The Dubai dentist will clean the root canals with special dental instruments and then will seal the cleaned part with biocompatible dental materials. It is good to know that the pulpectomy treatment may take several visits until fully implemented.

Pulpotomy as part of the pulp therapy for children

Pulpotomy is another important dental treatment which addresses to children. In this situation, the pulp of the tooth is the one affected by decay, letting the pulp root undamaged. The pediatric dentist will eliminate the decayed pulp and then will add a biocompatible dental filling to prevent further decay to develop. The next step is adding a crown to avoid possible tooth fractures. No matter the chosen therapy, the dentist will try to repair the injured tooth, in order to restore the proper functions of the denture.

For further information about the pulp therapy for children, it is recommended to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.