Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Updated on Thursday 09th February 2017

Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Image
The wisdom teeth or the third set of molars are usually removed by most people because they can easily get decayed, damaging the healthy teeth and besides that, such teeth appear in strange positions, due to the lack of space, creating nothing but pain. Our dentists in Dubai suggest the wisdom tooth extraction, which is a normal procedure made in our dental clinics in Dubai. Each patient is unique, therefore specific treatments will be recommended, including dental implants in Dubai.

Why should you get rid of the wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth appear during 17 and 25 when it is considered that persons are wiser. But the truth is that people meet difficulties when these teeth develop: pain, discomfort and days when you cannot eat normally. These teeth arise in places where they don’t belong, therefore, the Dubai dentist will propose a tooth extraction procedure or an oral maxillofacial surgery, under local anesthesia. Such methods are suggested for all patients who do not want to develop decay on healthy teeth near the wisdom tooth, infections or periodontal diseases. The entire intervention can be made in only one visit to the dentist in Dubai and then particular recommendations need to be considered.

The healing process after wisdom tooth extraction

After the wisdom tooth is extracted, the dentist will create a blood clot to cover the area and to prepare it for a fast healing. This is a normal procedure related to any tooth extraction. Hard food, alcohol, soda, hot drinks, and alcohol are strictly forbidden in the time of healing, starting with the first day of recovery. Instead, you can choose soft foods like steamed vegetables, mash potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, spaghetti or noodle soups. It is good to know that the dentist can also give a special medication to the patients, which can contain antibiotics and pain relievers.

Extra attention needs to be considered when brushing and flossing the teeth: make sure to softly brush the area and to use fluoride rinses and salt water to kill the bacteria that might develop during the healing.  Most patients deal with a short recovery time, if they understand the conditions, get some time off, and respect the main recommendations made by our doctors. 

Make sure to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for additional information about the recovery time after wisdom tooth extraction or about our dental services in Dubai.