Reshape Your Teeth in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 08th December 2016

Reshape Your Teeth in Dubai Image
Chipped or irregular teeth can be reshaped in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, in order to provide you with a brand new smile. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with information and details about how to reshape your teeth and to improve your smile and appearance. Besides reshaping the teeth, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai. Our dental clinics in Dubai are equipped with the latest technology.

What you need to know about tooth reshaping

Among many other procedures, the cosmetic dentistry implies tooth reshaping or contouring, which are simple techniques made in only one visit to your dentist in Dubai. It is the main procedure to correct or adjust chipped or irregularly shaped teeth. There is no pain involved, but you can ask for a local sedation spray so that you can relax and get rid of anxiety.

Patients with crooked, crowded or chipped teeth can receive contouring dental treatments after a proper examination of the dental health. For a better understanding of such dental procedure, we have gathered the main steps, such as:

•    a dental x-ray will be made, in order to see the condition of the tooth;
•    the tooth enamel will be removed with a laser drill;
•    the tooth will be then shortened or aligned with the other teeth;
•    the tooth will be then polished;


Reshaping and bonding the tooth

Besides reshaping the tooth, the dentist can also add resins to fill the gaps, if such problem is identified. The material will combine with the healthy teeth and will be provided with the same color as the natural tooth. A Dremel tool will be used on the surface of the tooth, in order to create a perfect bond between the tooth and the resin.  It is good to know that this technique implies a local sedation, due to the sensitivity you might feel. The next step is to reshape the area and to add a special light to harden the tooth and to make a better bond. This dental procedure can be made in about one hour for a single tooth, but if you are looking to repair more teeth, you should schedule some extra appointments.

How to take care of the reshaped teeth

Our Dubai dentists recommend to all patients with reshaped teeth to avoid hard food, coffee, and smoking, in order to maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Besides that, patients must not forget about the daily brushing and flossing. Reshaping the teeth is a recommended method to improve the appearance, instead of wearing bracelets, therefore you should solicit more details about cosmetic dentistry.

For additional information about how to reshape your teeth, you can contact our team of dentists in Dubai.