Special Diet for People With Braces

Updated on Sunday 08th January 2017

Special Diet for People With Braces Image
Wearing braces means you are on your right track to straighten the teeth and to change your smile and appearance. People with braces are counseled to pay maximum attention to all food, in order to obtain a good result after an orthodontic treatment and to preserve the health of the teeth. Our dentists in Dubai can offer you suitable information and details about the special diets you need to adopt while wearing braces. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you can also receive special dental treatments and people with broken teeth or tooth extraction can receive successful dental implants in Dubai.

Restricted foods for people with braces

Patients with misaligned teeth choose to step into our dental clinics in Dubai and to ask details about the available orthodontic treatments. The information comes with details about the diet and the nutrients you need to consider when wearing bracelets. Foods like nuts, hard candies, crackers, pretzels, gum or sticky chocolate are strictly forbidden for persons who wear dental braces because they can get stuck between the teeth and the braces, even if proper brushing and flossing is applied.

As a recommendation from our dentist in Dubai, you should avoid biting foods like crusty pizza, French bread, burgers, corn, fruits or bread rolls with the front teeth while wearing braces. Soft foods are suggested instead of the ones mentioned above. Although it is quite difficult to change the habits, it is not impossible. Besides avoiding junk food and all sorts of unhealthy treats to preserve the braces, you will definitely maintain a proper oral care and a general good health.

What to eat while wearing braces

First of all, let us remind that people with braces will not adopt a strict diet or a plan to reduce the weight. The Dubai dentist can offer you some important details about the food you need to consider if you wear braces, in order to avoid future dental problems that might arise. The following foods are recommended to all patients with orthodontics:

•    a delicious smoothie with milk, yogurt, spinach and forest fruits;
•    mash potatoes with soft turkey meat;
•    fruits like melons, apricots, grapes and strawberries;
•    cheese;
•    spaghetti with gravy;
•    noodle soups;
•    scrambled eggs;
•    quinoa with honey and almond powder as a desert;
•    puddings;
•    yogurt with cereals.

As a conclusion, soft foods are easy to chew and are recommended while wearing braces.

You may contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra information about the special diet you should adopt if you have dental braces.