The Advantages of Digital Dental Implants in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

Having complete access to high standard technology, our dentists in Dubai can offer to patients the possibility of seeing the dental implants with the help of 3D scans before the treatment plan is accepted and provided. Our team can also explain the advantages of the digital dental implants and the reasons why such method is successful. Obtaining the 3D model of tooth represents the first step in teeth replacement before the artificial dental implant is designed and provided.

What is a digital dental implant?

For many years, the dentistry and especially the implantology branch has developed in a fast but also expected manner, offering to patients a wide range of treatments to improve the smile and the overall dental health. Nowadays, people can see how their dental implants will look like, with the help of the digital dental implants through which a 3D model is created. Several scans are made in order to create the 3D model and modify any issues before creating the real dental implants in Dubai. The model will then be presented to the patient, alongside with the surgical plan. Our Dubai dentist can perform digital dental implants and can also explain the entire procedure of placing the new teeth.

Having modern equipment and access to the latest technology offers the patients numerous reasons to choose Dubai for dental tourism.

Digital dental implants for successful dental restorations

Even if a patient is a suitable candidate for dental implants in Dubai, a complete dental check-up is offered, including dental x-rays to observe how the artificial tooth or teeth can be positioned in a correct manner. Scans are extremely important when creating the digital dental implant before the replacement tooth is provided. The main advantage of the digital dental implant is that the patient can see how the tooth or the denture will look like. Using top technology in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, the patients will not only examine the 3D model, but they will also receive a surgical plan in order to see each step of the dental procedure. The 3D model is suggested before the real dental implants are placed and represents a necessary tooth replacement.

You may solicit complete information about the digital dental implants in Dubai from our team of dentists in Dubai, if you contact us.