The Dental Hygiene After Oral Surgery in Dubai

Updated on Friday 17th February 2017

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Different dental problems can be solved with oral surgery or maxillofacial surgery and special attention needs to be considered after the treatment. Tooth extractions can be performed with the help of an oral surgery in many cases, and after a proper healing, the dentists in Dubai can explain to you how to recover after this important intervention. The dental implants in Dubai can be offered to each patient who suffered from tooth loss.

Tooth extractions in Dubai

Probably one of the most important tooth extraction procedure in Dubai is related to the wisdom teeth, which usually grow in awkward positions, hurting the healthy teeth around and offering nothing else but pain. Such teeth get decayed quite fast, and if you want to avoid the damage of other teeth around, you should consider extracting the wisdom tooth. If the tooth developed in a sleeping position, oral surgery is recommended, a normal procedure made by our Dubai dentist, under local anesthesia, where a part of the tissue is removed in order to make the extraction of the tooth. Infected teeth where a dental abscess has developed are also candidates for extraction if the doctor considers there is nothing left to do.

If patients deal with dental injuries where the tooth is half off or if the root is fractured and can no longer be saved, the dentist can recommend an oral surgery to get rid of the damaged tooth. Instead of it, you can receive mini dental implants in Dubai, right after you understood the implications and the complete information about this essential dental procedure. The oral surgery can be done within one visit to the dentist in Dubai, but the aftercare is extremely important.

How to take care of teeth after oral surgery in Dubai

In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, all patients can obtain correct information and details about the dental treatments they need. Besides that, the doctor is in charge with explaining the normal dental treatments to consider at home, right after an oral surgery. For instance, the patient needs to respect the prescribed medicines, which can involve antibiotics and painkillers. This time, the alcohol is forbidden, so that the pills take the effect. The mouthwashes with fluoride can be used after one day of the surgery when the blood clot that covers the area gets stable.

Hard foods should be avoided for a while and soft ones should be considered on the new menu. Soups, spaghetti, cheese, pudding or mash potatoes haven’t harmed anyone and are 100% recommended for patients who received an oral surgery, especially if stitches have been placed. Some days off, with sleep and rest are also suggested after such important intervention. It is good to know that the face might swell, a normal thing in such circumstances, which can last for about one week. In this case, you can use a cold compress with ice cubes or frozen vegetables for about ten minutes and a pause of ten minutes after. This is a home remedy to consider in order to diminish the swelling. Brushing and flossing the teeth with special care are mandatory if you want to keep away the bacteria that can damage the teeth.

You may contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra information about the dental hygiene after oral surgery.

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