The First Dental Visit for a Child

Updated on Wednesday 19th April 2017

The First Dental Visit for a Child Image
The first dental visit of your child should coincide with the first anniversary, as all doctors recommend. The parents should implement the importance of oral hygiene in early ages because these habits will help a child develop strong and healthy teeth during his life. Our dentists in Dubai welcome all parents who want to know more about the dentistry for children and the importance of having teeth with no cavities. Besides that, all patients who suffer from tooth loss have the possibility to receive dental implants in Dubai, after a proper examination of the denture.

Learn how to take care of the child’s teeth

According to studies and research in dentistry, there are cases where a child aged 2 can develop cavities if a correct dental hygiene is not offered. Our Dubai dentist recommends to all patients to prevent the early cavities of their children by providing a proper diet and the dental habits we all know, such as brushing and flossing. Our dentist invites all parents in our modern dental clinics in Dubai for a first visit with the toddler, where they can find complete details about how to care for their kids’ oral health, and information like the following should be taken into consideration:

•    a correct oral health is related to a proper diet, so consider the proper diversification of the foods;
•    thumb sucking may lead to cavities;
•    the parents need to learn the use of fluoride for a suitable development of the teeth;
•    a child needs to be seen by a dentist once in six weeks;
•    a parent will need to learn the kid how to brush and clean the teeth.

Any information about the importance of a child oral care can be obtained from our dentists in Dubai.

The responsibilities of a pediatric dentist in Dubai

A pediatric dentist is specialized in childrens’ oral health, starting from the early ages, in other words, a dentist who offers complete attention to all kids from the first appearance of a tooth. As we all know, children are hard to keep in place, especially in a dentist chair. This is a situation where a pediatric dentist will use a friendly approach to a child, right next to the mother or the father involved. Easy games with the child will make him responsive to the doctor's requests, where he/she will gently start the mouth examination. It is true, all children cry at the beginning, but a parent needs to be strong, to understand they cannot backup, and to put the accent on the oral health above the whining of a child. At the first dental visit, a pediatric dentist will offer to all parents some suggestions about how to protect the child’s teeth and the habits they need to consider.

Please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for extra details about the first dental visit for a child in our dental clinic.