The Importance of Professional Dental Cleanings

Updated on Thursday 25th May 2017

The Importance of Professional Dental Cleanings Image
We all want healthy teeth, an attractive smile and not a single dental problem. But do we all know the importance of a professional dental cleaning? Besides the daily habits like brushing and flossing, a visit to the dentist for a complete examination of the denture is impetuous. Our dentists in Dubai are ready to explain why professional dental cleanings from time to time lead to healthy and strong teeth. Besides that, you can ask questions about the available dental implants in Dubai necessary for denture improvement among many other important aspects.

What is a professional dental cleaning? 

A professional dental cleaning starts with a suitable examination of the teeth with the help of the dental x-rays which can reveal if a tooth developed decay or cavity or if there are fissures on the teeth. The Dubai dentist will then check the status of the dental plaque and tartar. These deposits will be eliminated with special dental instruments because the dentist wants to protect you from all kinds of gum diseases and decay. A professional dental cleaning is a right method to check for dental problems in the first stage. If you suffer from dental anxiety or you are afraid of pain, tell your doctor about how you feel. Although the professional dental cleanings are not painful, the dentist can use a dental spray or gel to numb the working area.

If you want to maintain your teeth healthy and if you want to stay away from decay, it is recommended to receive some professional dental cleanings occasionally. In our modern dental clinics in Dubai, you may solicit complete information about the available procedures and treatments necessary for a healthy denture.

The main steps of a professional dental cleaning

Instead of thinking that decay cannot affect you ever, let the dentist take the conclusion in this matter by offering you a professional dental cleaning. This is a painless procedure with amazing results and brighter teeth. A professional dental cleaning involves the following steps:

•    dental x-rays;
•    physical exam of the mouth;
•    searching for gingivitis and decay signs;
•    eliminating the dental plaque and tartar;
•    brushing the teeth with a high-powered electric brush and a special toothpaste;
•    flossing the teeth with professional methods;
•    rinse sessions to get rid of the debris;
•    fluoride treatment.

Understanding the importance of the professional dental cleanings will lead to healthy teeth, which is why you might want to schedule such treatment twice in a year, as recommended by the dentists.

If you want to know more details about the professional dental cleanings, we invite you to get in touch with our team of dentists in Dubai.