Tips for Maintaining the Toothbrush Away from Germs

Updated on Monday 16th July 2018

Even if sometimes is hard to believe, the toothbrush we use on a daily basis contains numerous germs. The bacteria in the mouth and the food debris are still on the toothbrush even if we pay attention to the ways we clean it each time we use it. Tips on how to maintain the toothbrush away from germs can be provided by our dentists in Dubai who can also provide you with a series of dental treatments for your problems.

How to clean your toothbrush on a daily basis

The microorganism found in the mouth are transmitted to the toothbrush we use, where they have the proper environment to develop. An important tip one should consider each time he/she uses a toothbrush is to properly clean it from debris and toothpaste and leave it in the open air for a natural dry. Covering the toothbrush is not an option for keeping bacteria and germs away from it. Fresh water is always the answer to properly clean the toothbrush as soon as it has been used. Also, it is suggested to clean the bristles in a glass with a small amount of mouthwash for approximately 30 seconds. A good idea on how to keep away the germs from toothbrushes is to keep them in water and vinegar once per week.

We invite you to our modern dental clinics in Dubai for complete details about how to maintain your teeth healthy. You can also benefit from information about the types of dental implants in Dubai.

Change the toothbrush once in three months

Our dentists in Dubai will always highlight the idea of changing the toothbrush once in three months and will explain to their patients the importance of maintaining the teeth healthy through a series of home remedies. In the case you’ve just received a professional dental cleaning (the tartar and plaque are removed during such procedure), your dentist in Dubai will suggest you buy a new toothbrush. You might want to consider buying an electric toothbrush for extra care of the teeth. Such a toothbrush can be cleaned just like the traditional ones.

We invite you to contact our team of dentists in Dubai for in-depth information about how to maintain your teeth healthy and about the dental services we can provide for you in Dubai.