Tooth Fairy Traditions to Implement Dental Routine for Children

Updated on Sunday 04th December 2016

Tooth Fairy Traditions to Implement Dental Routine for Children Image
The tooth fairy legend dates back in 1900 in the United States and spread quite fast worldwide, with some additional features. Many parents are trying to teach the children to properly wash and take care of the teeth, in order to avoid dental problems that might appear in the early ages of a child. This is why, the tooth fairy legend transformed into important explanations to convince the children about the necessary dental hygiene. Our dentists in Dubai can provide you with details about the dental care for children and about the funny methods you can adopt, in order to make the kids understand the importance of the dental health.

Tooth fairy suggestions

The legend says that the child needs to hide the lost tooth under the pillow so that the tooth fairy can find it and leave some money for it. As we all know, the parents are the ones who deal with this tradition, but instead of leaving some money, you can create tooth fairy ideas, in order to provide the child with essential information related to the dental hygiene, such as:

•    make sparkling note cards with tips about how to brush and floss the teeth;
•    if the baby tooth is not falling easily, a dental visit might be necessary. Create a letter as from the tooth fairy and explain the importance of such call;
•    add small gifts like a brand new toothbrush or a comic book with dental info for kids, instead of money;

Dental care for children

The children are starting to lose the milk teeth between the ages of 5 and 7, in order to make way for the adult set of teeth. When the first tooth is lost, it is time to pay a visit to the dentist in Dubai and to start teaching the kids the importance of the dental care. The daily routines need to imply a proper brushing and flossing. There are so many options on the market and you and the child can choose funny toothbrushes and special toothpaste for kids.

The dental hygiene for children starts also with healthy food, therefore you should avoid sugary foods and adopt some healthy habits, which include foods from the five categories: cereals, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy products. Convincing a kid to go to the dentist might be a difficult task, but the parents should implement the idea of healthy and strong teeth from the beginning, with the help of the tooth fairy traditions and special activities that can be obtained from our Dubai dentist, if you plan a visit in the city.

Make sure to ask for additional information about the dental routine for children and contact our team of dentists in Dubai.