Treatments for Dead Teeth

Updated on Sunday 28th January 2018

When there is no blood activity in tooth, meaning that the nerves died due decay or if a root canal was performed, that tooth can be considered dead. In this situation, the tooth can still be part of the denture, but a particular treatment must be considered. Our dentists in Dubai can offer a wide range of dental treatments including the ones for dead teeth. Moreover, if such tooth needs to be eliminated, dental implants in Dubai can represent a suitable option.

What is a dead tooth

Trauma or decay are two of the main reasons why a tooth turns dead. Bacteria get to the pulp chamber and if not eliminated in time, the decay and pain appear, and the blood supply is cut off. In sports activities, persons can injure their teeth in such a bad way that the blood vessels can be damaged and drained out. Right after this unwanted dental trauma, the tooth begins to change the color into a darker one, especially if it is left untreated. In other words, the blood cells are dead, and the pulp chamber is affected. Also, an abscess can develop near the injured tooth. These are serious situations in which a dentist in Dubai can offer the necessary help and dental treatments. In order to avoid complications, it is best to schedule a dental visit as soon as possible.

How a dead tooth is treated

There are two main treatments suggested for dead teeth and those are the extraction or the root canal. The tooth extraction is recommended by your Dubai dentist if there is nothing left to save from the tooth or if it is so bad decayed that it is best to eliminate the problematic tooth before it affects the other ones around him. 

A root canal treatment may be a proper method for saving a dead tooth if the dentist considers that he or she can clean and seal the area, and if the roots of the tooth are stable in the jawbone. People can still use a dead tooth and can receive a dental veneer to change the color for aesthetic purposes. We remind that a dead tooth with not blood activity in the pulp chamber will change varied tones of colors, starting with the yellow one and ending with grey and dark tones. Furthermore, in our dental clinics in Dubai, our patients can receive innovative dental treatments if they decide to eliminate the problematic tooth. In this sense, a dental implant can fill the missing tooth.

If you want to know more about the dead teeth and the related treatments, please feel free to contact our team of dentists in Dubai.