Treatments for White Tongue

Updated on Wednesday 07th June 2017

Treatments for White Tongue Image
The teeth are not the only one affected by bacteria and debris, the tongue can also give signs that your denture and mouth have problems. If you have developed a white tongue and you need more information in this matter, we suggest you talk to one of our dentists in Dubai. They can provide you with a complete oral examination, and if it is necessary, you can also receive dental implants in Dubai.


What is a white tongue?

The white patches found on the surface of the tongue are actually a white coating made of dead cells, bacteria, and debris, due to a poor oral hygiene combined with tobacco, use of alcohol and even heart diseases. If a patient has a white tongue, he/she probably suffers from dry mouth and bad breath. Besides that, a white tongue can develop on persons who take certain medications or who developed oral cancer or post nasal drip condition among many others. Dehydration and the lack of saliva can easily damage the teeth and can transform the color of the tongue into a white one, where the debris and bacteria transform into severe problems for your teeth. In order to treat such condition, our Dubai dentist will perform an oral investigation and if signs of dental problems have been discovered, special treatment plans will be offered.

How to treat the white tongue condition

Once you have discovered you have a white tongue and the mouth feels dry almost every time, it is best to see a specialist in this matter. The status of your oral health will indicate what type of treatment is necessary. Besides dealing with the decay and dental plaque which can be eliminated with a professional dental cleaning in our modern dental clinics in Dubai, a patient might have to reconsider his/her unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. A proper diet is also impetuous because the acids and sugars from foods and beverages attack the enamel of the teeth, leading to unwanted decay and also white tongue. It is true, a particular type of foods can damage the denture and can change the color of the tongue, especially if oral care is not adopted in a suitable manner. Therefore, we remind that teeth need to the brushed at least twice per day.

Also, you can clean the tongue with the bristles or with the back of the toothbrush, this way getting rid of bacteria and debris that might get stuck on the tongue. You might want to consider the importance of dental flossing because with this method you can remove the food particles between the teeth, the ones that can transform into bacteria and start to attack the teeth. Having a white tongue and not knowing the consequences may lead to severe dental and oral problems

In order to prevent oral problems, we recommend you contact our team of dentists in Dubai for complete information and personalized dental treatments.